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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mt Rushmore Tunnels

In January we had a couple of very warm days in the high 60's so we decided to take a trip up to South Dakota. We had been there before but our younger girls had never been. We decided to go through Custer State Park and then take Route 16A. It was a beautiful drive and this time of the year we saw very little traffic. We actually saw more wildlife out roaming than we saw people on this very sunny warm January day. 

On this drive you get some different views of Mt. Rushmore. I used my new Cannon camera with the 55-250 mm lens to get this picture. I had to zoom in all the way. If you were just driving you would not even notice what you were looking at. 

 Alaina found a perfect viewing spot, she thought the rock was just her size. 
 As we drove along there were several different spots to get out and take some photos. This one is when we were getting a little closer & you can see the visitor center in front of the Presidents. 

 The sun was so bright everyone was squinting.
 The pig tail curves along this route make a very interesting drive. One thing we did not know until we stopped at a viewing spot is that there are 4 on lane tunnels along this route that actually frame Mt. Rushmore. 

The tunnels are only one lane & you are advised to honk your horn to indicate you are going through the tunnel.

 Once inside the tunnel you get a very nice frame around Mt. Rushmore. We were fortunate there was no traffic and we could get out to take a picture. We actually only saw 3 cars the whole time we drove through Custer State Park & one of them was a park ranger. 


Abraham Lincoln

 Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
 George Washington

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Kym said...

It has been many years since we were last at Mount Rushmore, and my kids haven't seen it. I really want to take them sometime too. Even with so many years gone, many of your pictures were familiar scenes to me!

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