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Friday, February 27, 2015

In Freedom's Cause Review #hsreviews

The best way to bring history alive to my girls and myself is to read good quality literature and listen to well produced audio dramas. Heirloom Audio Productions gives a very vivid picture of the past & we loved their first recording Under Drake's Flag so when we were offered In Freedom's Cause Single Package to review we had to have it. 
In Freedom's Cause Audio CD Review
The In Freedom's Cause Single Package you will receive the G.A. Henty Audio Drama 2 Cd set which is the real story of Wallace & Bruce, the Estudy Guide and Discussion Starter, a printable of the Prayer of William Wallace, and the soundtrack MP3 download. 
In Freedom's Cause is over 2 hours of radio theatre that brings G.A. Henty's book alive. The team at Heirloom Audio did a wonderful job putting this together. There was a lot of thought and planning put into this Christian drama. The audio team traveled to Scotland to walk where Wallace & Bruce walked to capture the essence of this story of freedom. The cast members have plenty of experience between them and have had roles in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Robin Hood, Braveheart, Adventures in Odyssey, and more. 
The Estudy Guide contains 49 pages. Each section gives us vocabulary words, questions to answer from listening to the story, and thinking questions. We are given a brief introduction to G.A. Henty, Sir William Wallace, & Robert the Bruce. A little history of Scotland is at the end of the estudy guide and a bible study covering fearing evil, forgiveness, vengeance, and Freedom. 
The MP3 download contains 29 tracks. The score was written by Emmy Award winning composer John Campbell. I downloaded this to my computer and I really enjoy listening to the Scottish music while I am working. The printable of the Prayer of William Wallace is very beautiful. It is Psalms 23 of the Latin Vulgate and I love how it reads in old English. 
We have listened to this several times. As soon as it came in the mail the girls (ages 10, 12, & 13) didn't want to finish their school work, so we listened to it that first afternoon. The next week we went on a trip and as soon as we hit the Interstate they had it in the CD player. I know they have listened to it a few more times in the house. The cast and the music made us get so wrapped up in the story that we could feel the excitement and feel like we had stepped back in time. The girls never want to stop the audio drama to work on the study guide & they didn't want to worry with answering questions while they were wrapped up in the story. After listening a couple of times I read the introductions & history of Scotland out loud to the them and then we went through some of the questions. Of course my 13 year old could answer the most question, but I was surprised at how much the other girls remembered. My oldest son loved G.A. Henty when he was younger and those are among the few books he took with him when he moved out. I know he would love to listen to In Freedom's Cause. This would make a great gift for him.
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