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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cakes & Cookies #yum #cakedecorating

Now that the year is almost over I thought I would share a few cake and cookie pictures from December. 
 I'll start with some Christmas sugar cookies. I haven't added up how many of these I did this year, but it was a lot. I actually made 40 boxes very similar to these. That's a lot of cookies!

Here is a fun cake that I made for the USPS. It was for an Post Office employee who is retiring. They absolutely loved it.
Of course there are birthdays that go on in December. This cake was made for two cousins who were together for the Christmas holiday, but they wanted to celebrate their birthdays together. Big Frozen and Bronco fans at their house.

What 16 year old boy wouldn't want a Star Wars cake? They picked the cake up and had their own figures to put on the top, so I didn't get a picture myself with them on the top.  

I did get a picture that was shared on Facebook, it just isn't very good.

This 7 year old boy loves the Ninja Turtles!!

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