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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whizzy Gizmo Review #hsreviews

Wizzy Gizmo Review
When my kids are studying I think it is easier to remember things if all the key facts are in one place. Lately we have been using the Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament from Wizzy Gizmo to review all the key points of the New Testament books of the Bible. 
Wizzy Gizmo Review
The Fast Track Bible Pack is a set of 27 cards that are 5X8 inches. There are actually 28 cards, one for each book of the New Testament and one card with all the books listed in biblical order. This set of bible study tools is recommended for all ages and can be purchased for $14.99.
Each study card is set up the same way. On the front of the card is a brief description of each book and a selected verse. At the top there is a number to represent which book came first, second, third, and so on. On the right side of the card are boxes that contain the number of chapters in the book, author of the book, and the approximate date it was written. 
On the back of the study card we see key facts about each book at a glance. The top of the card tells us the name and theme of the book. Under the theme there are 5 sections that cover key facts for the book, each section is a different color. The Outline is in a green box, Key Chapters are in a blue box, Key Passages is pink, Key Doctrines is turquoise, and the orange box tells us about the Key People.

During our family devotions we have been reading straight through the bible. We were almost done with Mathew when we received our New Testament cards. Now before we begin a new book I  use the cards to quiz my girls (ages 9, 12, & 13) before we start reading. I asked if they know how many chapters are in that book, who the author was, when it was written, and if they know the gist of the book or any key verses from it. Then I would read the front of the card to them and we would discuss what it said. After that we go over the outline and take turns reading key scriptures listed on the back. 

I wanted to go through more of the cards before my review was due, so the girls and I took one card a day to go over. We basically did the same thing as our family devotions, but instead of reading through the whole book, we just read the selected passages on the bible study card and discussed them. I leave the cards sitting out in the living room and it is handy to pick up one to review information or quiz the girls at random throughout the day. 

These bible study cards are not just for kids, adults can benefit from using these cards in their own bible study or review of the bible books. I teach a lot of Sunday School classes and these cards will come in handy when it is my turn again. The website offers a lot of suggestions on how to use these cards with all ages. 

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