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Thursday, April 24, 2014

CTC Math Review #hsreviews

CTC Math Review
Out of all 5 of my kids only my youngest really likes math. They all love to count money & Amber loves fractions & story problems but when it comes to the every day problems on a piece of paper Alaina is the only one who asks to do more. The last several weeks we have had an online Math Tutor by using CTC Math.
CTC Math comes in several options. They offer Single Student Plans and Family Plans that may be purchased monthly, 6 months at a time or 12 months at a time. We received the 12 Month Family Plan that can be used with 2 or more students in grade K-12. It normally costs $297.00 but you can subscribe right now for $118.80.
CTC Math Review
CTC Math is an online math program that works like a tutor. You will have access to every grade level from Kindergarten to Trigonometry. This program is originally from Australia and is becoming very popular in the U.S. Pat Murray is the teacher for all video lessons and my kids love his accent. Amber said she would love it even more if he wasn't teaching math. 
The first thing I did was log in to the Parents' Area and set up my student accounts. In the Parent's Area I can see all of my students overall progress at a glance. I also see the most recent activity and the score that was received. Result reports can be generated & certificates that have been earned by each student can be viewed.
Alaina (age 9) and Amber (age 13) used this program and when they log in they have the option of choosing any grade level to work on. After selecting the grade level they can choose the Stream and then the Topic. Once the topic is selected they are given a short demonstration in the form of a slide show with the instructions given by Pat Murray. After the demonstration the student will answer related questions. After the question is answered the student proceeds to the next question. A check mark appears for the correct answer and if they have a wrong answer an "X" will appear and the correct answer will be shown. After a topic is completed the student will be awarded a certificate. The certificates that are awarded are given a platinum, gold, silver, or bronze seal. 
Besides the regular lessons the student has access to speed skills tests, their awards & reports. They are also able to search the entire program to find what they are looking for. The speed skills are basically speed drills that move on regardless of right or wrong answers. At the end of the test the student will see which ones they got right or wrong. 
We used CTC Math as a supplement to our regular curriculum. I wanted to choose something that they hadn't really spent a lot of time learning. I had Alaina work on telling time, calendars, and measurements. Amber worked on calculator skills. Both of the girls liked working with CTC and they have learned a lot. 
I'm not sure why but I hadn't worked on telling time much with Alaina. So she started with that. Once she got the hang of how they wanted the answers worded she did very well and picked it up right away. She worked on calendars also even though she knows how they work she thought it would be fun. After a couple of lessons she gave up because they use the calendar starting with Monday and ending with Sunday. When she would answer the question she wouldn't look at the day because she just assumed it was like our calendar & she would get the problem wrong. She is currently working on measurements and is enjoying it. I also had her work on her speed skills. Of course when I let her choose she will do addition and multiplication speed skills. 
Amber hasn't used a calculator other than basic math skills. She has been working on learning how to use all the components of a calculator and a scientific calculator. She is learning a lot, but some of the problems she thought were easier to work in her head than actually remember how to use the calculator. Like problems that us parenthesis, those are easier for her to work rather than remember to input the parenthesis. These will be skills she will want to know how to do later.
We all really like this program but I would love for the missed problems to be reexplained or demonstrated before the next question is asked. During the time problems Alaina would sometimes forget to say the exact wording they wanted and then she would get frustrated. If she had been reminded after the first problem she wouldn't have missed the next ones.  
CTC Math has been great for Amber & Alaina. I'm planning on having them continue using CTC throughout the summer to fill in gaps that they need to work on and then in the fall start them in their next grade level. I love having access to all the levels at once, because Alaina is in the fourth grade, but I actually started her in the third grade to work on time and then she moved right on to the fourth grade level to get her caught up to where she needs to be.  

Alaina loves her certificates!
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