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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Progressive Dinner

Today my daughter is writing a post about the progressive dinner that we had for the youth in our church.

We had a progressive dinner with all the church kids and then we played games afterwords. everybody had lots of fun. We had four courses which were soup, appetizers, dinner, and dessert. For the games we played the flour game, telephone, balloon stomp, another balloon game, pencil M&M game, a drawing game, and the animal game.

Here we played the flour game. To play the flour game we packed some flour into a cup and then placed the mound of flour on a plate (kinda like a sand castle). On top of the flour pile we would place an M&M. Then one person would cut some of the flour away from the pile with a butter knife, everybody would take turns doing this until someone made the M&M fall. The person who made the M&M fall would then have to get the M&M out with their mouth. We split up into groups of four to play this game. Above: the girl in the pink was the one who made the M&M fall, but we all wanted to put flour on our face. Below: she wasn't even the one who had to get the m&m but she wanted to put her face in flour too but she went a little over board.    

For the drawing game we put a paper plate on our head and then we had to draw what my mom told us to draw, which was a snowman and tree. Then we would compare drawings. My drawing looked like a snowman was attacking a tree.

The balloon stomp game we would tie a balloon to each of our ankles and then someone would say go and everybody would try and stomp on someones balloons. If both of your balloons got stomped you're out, if you lose a balloon you can tie it back on but people can still stomp your balloons while your tying it on. The last person with balloons wins.

During the other balloon game we had a bunch of balloons blown up with papers inside them. It was a relay race we did boys against girls. On go the first person in line would run up to the bag of balloons and pop one, then they would grab the paper that was inside and do what it said such as do 10 jumping jacks, the next person couldn't go until the first person got back to the line. 

For our first course we had soup the lady brought three types chicken noodle soup, potato soup, and pea soup, and she also brought some add-ins.
We had appetizers, but we forgot to take a picture at that house. We were served cheese & fruit tray, BBQ little smokies, and chocolate covered pretzels.
For our main course we had lasagna, corn, spaghetti & garlic bread.

For dessert we had ice cream cake from dairy queen. The dessert was my favorite part.

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