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Monday, February 3, 2014

Kids Cooking

My kids love to plan menus & they eagerly volunteer to make dinner if they know I'm going to make something they don't like. Amber is my very picky eater and she would make tacos or burritos every day if everyone would let her. 

They planned a dinner this week & they went above what they normally do. They all three made a menu from a different country and then they decided together which one they wanted to make. They chose France, and I wasn't allowed in the kitchen until they were ready to deep fry their cheese. 

They decorated the table.
They made a flag place mat and used our Eiffel Tower & flowers for the centerpiece. 
They made each one of us a name place card with a fun fact about France inside. 

The front of the menu was written in French and English.
The back of the menu was a picture of the Eiffel Tower & the dessert.
Deep Fried Brie with cranberry sauce was the appetizer. 
Chicken Cordon Bleu was the main course. When the chicken was almost done they told me they forgot about any side dishes to go with their chicken, so they heated up rice that was left from the night before.

 Next they brought out this fancy decoration. 
 Inside was our dessert.
Macaroons with either strawberry sauce or dark chocolate in the center. 

Everything was very delicious and the girls did a very good job on their dinner and their presentation. They had so much fun, they decided they are going to plan a meal from a different country once a month.

They didn't leave the clean up as a surprise!! After dinner we all pitched in and cleaned their mess up pretty quickly. 

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