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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dig-It! Games Character Contest ~ Please Vote @digitgames #voteAmber

Amber loves Roman Town & Mayan Mysteries from Dig-It! Games.  She completed Roman Town and she has finished the first part of Mayan Mysteries, her only complaint was that she didn't have the second part to Mayan Mysteries.
“I like how the games bring the ancient culture of the Mayans to life, like I am really there, because it makes it easier to learn that way & I thought it was very interesting.”
When when heard that Dig-It! Games was going to hold a contest for a new character for the second part of Mayan Mysteries she was very eager to enter.
She developed her character by writing a character description & drawing a picture of her. She chose to create a girl named Alexandra.
Amber's Mayan Mystery Character
Alexandra Faddei, age 13

Amber described her character with this paragraph:
“My character is smart and adventurous. She is Ukrainian, but she lives in San Diego, CA. She loves to travel and learn new things. I think my character should be on the Mayan Mysteries team because she has a great memory, she is a quick learner, and is very good at puzzles. My character is perfect for this job because she is a hard worker and is willing to go over the top to figure things out.”

Alexandra was one of the three finalists. That means Amber has already won an iPod & free access to the new game. If her character is the winner she will receive an iPad for her prize & she will have her character on the game & her own name included in the credits. Amber was very surprised to have gotten this far, and she would love to win an iPad, but she is excited to be so close to having her character included in the game & her own name listed in the credits.

If you would like to vote in this contest visit the Dig-It! Games facebook page. There are three finalists to choose your from. All you have to do is click like on your favorite character.  Remember, Amber’s character is Alexandra.

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