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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Pies

I cannot believe November is already over. Where has this year gone? We had a great Thanksgiving Day with a little shopping afterwards. It seems like we eat the about the same foods every year, but we are never sure about what kind of pies to make. Most of the time I try to please who is going to be here. This year our guests favorites are cherry, pumpkin, and pecan so we settled on making those three. That gave each of my girls a pie to be in charge of. I make the pie crust and rolled it out for them, but they were in charge of the rest.

Amber wanted to make the pecan pie. That is about the only kind of pie she will eat.

Delaney really wanted apple pie, but Morgan will be coming up in a couple of weeks and she loves apple pie too, so we decided to save that pie for when she comes home. Delaney decided she would take care of the pumpkin pie & she went online to find a different recipe than the one we normally use. It was wonderful!!

My dad's favorite pie is cherry, so Alaina decided she would be in charge of that pie. We cheated a little this year & bought the pie filling, so her pie was pretty easy. She wanted to get a little creative, so she spelled the word cherry in pie dough for the top of her cherries.

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