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Monday, October 7, 2013

Read Alouds

It has been awhile since I wrote about what I have been reading aloud to my family. We just finished up one Nancy Drew book and the girls wanted to read another one. We usually have a pile of books that we want to read, but my girls are kinda stuck on Nancy Drew right now.

 We just finished The Treasure in the Royal Tower (Nancy Drew No. 128). Nancy and her friends head to Wisconsin for a winter sports vacation when they discover the Wickford Castle where they are staying is full of surprises and secrets. The Castle tower was originally from France, but was moved and rebuilt in Wisconsin. There is a rumor going around about a hidden treasure. Nancy has to figure out if the rumor is true and can she find the treasure before it is too late.

 Now we are reading Bad Times, Big Crimes (Nancy Drew: All New Girl Detective #14). We aren't very far, but Nancy is somehow gone back in time to the Great Depression. Bess & George are still her friends in the 1930's but Nancy is the only one who isn't from that era.

Sometimes I choose the book I want to read with my family and other times my girls will take turns picking. My husband rarely picks unless we have been reading a lot of non-fiction and then he will suggest a person or event (he loves history) he wants to hear about.

What about your family? Do you read aloud to them? If so how do you choose your next book?

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