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Monday, October 14, 2013


I love spending time with my kids! I hate that time goes by so fast & that they have to grow up. I don't think I dislike the growing up part as much as I hate the moving away part! I guess it hasn't been that bad, especially since they were in the same direction. Michael was in Tennessee and Morgan was in Florida, so we could see them both in one long driving trip.
But now Morgan has moved back to Colorado we will be able to see her more often. She came home for a week in September and then she went on a two week vacation with us. It was really hard to see her leave, but at least we will get to see her more often now. 

We are hoping to get back to Tennessee to see Michael in January or February when he gets back from his tour in Afghanistan. I love my smart phone and my internet more than ever since he has been gone, it allows us to message him every day.

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