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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Presidential Game Schoolhouse Review #hsreview

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What kid doesn't like to play games for school? My girls love playing any games, no matter if they are for fun or for learning. They were so excited to get a The Presidential: The Most Powerful Game In The World. 
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The Presidential Game comes in a nice sturdy box with a 20"X30" game board, 1 score pad, 3 blue dice, 3 red dice, 80 politics cards, 40 "write-your-own" politics cards, 150 republican votes (red chips), 150 democrat votes (blue chips), 1 electoral WebMap Calculator access code. It is recommended for children ages 11-up and can be purchased for $35.00.

The game is played by 2 teams of one or more people. The object is to win the Presidential election by capturing at least 270 of the 538 electoral votes. During the game you may obtain way more than the 270, but you may loose them before the game is over. The chips you place on the states are votes that you will receive by rolling the dice. There are 30 turns in the game & should last about an hour.

The Republican Team & the Democrat Team compete against each other. When it is your turn you have the option of campaigning or fundraising:

  • Campaigning ~ If your team decides to campaign you will choose 3 states to campaign in. You will then roll 3 dice and allocate the number on one dice for votes for one state, one dice for one state.
  • Fundraising ~ You can go fundraising in California, New York, Florida, or Texas. If you choose to go fundraising you will choose one state where you will fundraise. You will roll the dice and half of the total has to go as votes to the state you chose to fundraise in. The other half can be placed on any other state. While you are fundraising you will earn one Political Card. This card may give you a reward or a penalty, some have to be played immediately & other may be kept to play later. There are blank cards, so you may write your own.

On the Score Card you will keep track of the amount of electoral votes you receive or loose during your turn. You will also receive access to an Electoral WebMap Calculator that you may use. While using the Score Card you will have to add and subtract each state that is won or lost on every turn. If you use the Electoral WebMap Calculator you will just click on the state that is won for each political party and it will keep a running amount of electoral votes for each in the top corners and the state will change to red or blue. You will also click the counter after each turn so you know when you reach the 30th week of campaigning.

We played this as a family & my girls (ages 8, 11 &12) played on their own. We divided up into two teams and being girls they wanted to make up their Presidential candidates name. They also used double sided tape to wear their "vote republican" or "vote democrat" button. They not only had fun with this game, but they also saw how the Presidential election works and how it can change throughout the campaign. They learned about electoral votes and how the "winner-takes-all" rule for the electoral college. Amber knows the location of all the states, but Delaney & Alaina still get messed up with the eastern states. I have noticed that after playing this game several times, they were becoming more familiar with their locations.

We followed and printed several maps with the electoral votes in the last Presidential Election & discussed how the voting process worked and why each state gets different amounts. While we were playing the Presidential Game my girls had even more questions and it really helped them see and better understand how this process works.

This game is a wonderful addition to our collection of educational games that my girls want to play over and over.

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