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Saturday, September 21, 2013

See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish Schoolhouse Review #hsreview

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Several weeks ago we received See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish from Flip Flop Learning. It is so easy to use that we started working on it as soon as we had it open. We actually opened the box then I read the manual for the first lesson and pulled out the correct flash cards and Amber had the audio CD lesson ready and we had our first lesson. It was sooo easy!!

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See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish is a 2 year curriculum that can be used with anyone ages 3-93. The retail price is $129.95, but you may purchase it right now for $99.00. It comes with a 150 page curriculum manual, 3 sets of flash cards, 4 CD's of audio lessons, 1 dry erase paddle & marker, and 2 flash card holders.

The Curriculum Manual was already 3 hole punched to place in a binder. There are 45 lessons with 3 days material for each lesson plus games and activities that can be used any day. About every 6th week there is a break week, so you can review your flashcards or just work on your new vocabulary. Throughout the book the mascot Egg Head will explain grammatical concepts. The activities include games, charades, skits, and optional writing elements.

  •  Day 1 ~ Uses the CD
    • 1. Read the manual.
    • 2. Pick out the cards.
    • 3. Push play and follow the instructions you hear.
  • Day 2 ~ You will work on your flash cards and arrange them into sentences and then repeat the same thing as Day 1.
  • Day 3 ~ You will repeat what you did on day 2, but you will not use the CD. You will interact with your child using Spanish, not just the CD.
I used this program with all three of my girls ages 8, 11, & 12. Alaina (8) is a very beginner in learning Spanish and Amber & Delaney already know some. We have been completing each lesson as directed in the manual, but my kids beg every day to add more words. We have actually been using the curriculum 5 days a week instead of the suggested 3. After our lesson and activities the girls would arrange their flash cards into sentences over and over to see how many different ones they could make. I had Amber and Delaney write their sentences in a notebook, so they could work on spelling and grammar.

The words we learned the very first day are everyday words that we could use immediately in our every day conversation even mixed with our English. This curriculum is not your typical foreign language curriculum. It is very hands on & the games and activities encourage the girls to do more & to remember their words. The flashcards have a picture on the front and the Spanish word spelling and pronunciation along with the English word on the back. They are a huge component to this curriculum and my girls love making sentences with them. Amber and Delaney are writing their sentences and they are trying to spell the words correctly before they turn over the card to see the spelling. The first day we started putting 2 words together like "Me gusta el helado". The second day some grammar was added so we could make sentences using "Y" and "Pero" with our vocabulary cards. By lesson 3 we were able to ask and answer questions together.

When new grammar is introduced Egg Head is there with the rule in a speech bubble. Like he told us how adjectives have to match the nouns in number & gender. He also suggests that depending on the age of the student you may or may not want to stress the issue at this point. Since my older girls already know some Spanish I made them say them correctly and we help Alaina each time if she forgot.

We really like the CD's because they helped us to hear how each word is pronounced and it is easy to play it a couple times when we needed to.

We are having so much fun with this that we even bought the Flip Flop Spanish App for the girls iPods. It is basically the same flash cards as we received with our curriculum. We like this, because you can see the entire list and if you click on the speaker it will read the word to us. Each card has a check or X at the bottom, so you can check it off if you know the word or X it if you do not. It will then add them to a separate list of words you know and words you do not know. That way they can work on the ones they need more practice with.

My girls are bound and determined to learn to speak Spanish fluently, so they are even labeling things in our house. 

Their favorite game is when they have to point to the correct card. A word is spoken in Spanish and then they have to race to point to the card. We even played this with actual objects in our house. The girls had so much fun racing through the house to find the object & they were able to blow off some steam.

Flip Flop Spanish is great addition to any home that wants to have fun while learning to speak Spanish.
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