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Saturday, September 14, 2013

PeopleKeys Schoolhouse Review #hsreviews

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Personality traits often show up in peoples lives very early, even as kids. I know some of the personality traits my kids had as toddlers they still have as an adult. The jobs my older kids have had reflect some of their personality traits.

Amber (age 12) just had the opportunity to take an online DISC Career Style Assessment from PeopleKeys and we received a DISC Career Style Report to explain the results. We received an email with our key code and a link to our assessment. Amber entered her name, email, and key code & started right away. The assessment took about 15 minutes for her to complete and all the questions were set up the same. Each question would have her number a set of 4 answers in the order that she thinks they apply to her. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions and the student isn't suppose to over think their answers. The questions dealt with her personality, how she responds to certain situations around her, her dress, her manor, and her actions.

We received the DISC Career Style report as soon as she was finished taking the assessment. It is 9 pages long and included:

  • Description: Understanding Your Style ~ Includes general characteristics, what you are motivated by, and your ideal environment.
  • Workplace: Your Professional Style~ This describes the style of job that you would be good for & includes a list of style characteristics.
  • Workplace: Tips For Your Professional Style~ Shows what you tend to like and dislike in a workplace.
  • Career Match: Close Match~ This is a list of occupations/careers that your style may naturally enjoy.
  • Scoring Data: Graph Page of DISC~ This graph shows how you score on the DISC scale.
  • Career Match: Best Match~ This is a list of occupations/careers that would best fit your personality. 
DISC represents the four quadrants of a personality and was created by William Marston. Basically everyone has a combination of the personality traits.
  1. Dominance (Drive) ~Relates to power, control, problem solver, argumentative, and assertive.
  2. Influence ~ Outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic, persuasive, impulsive, emotional.
  3. Steadiness (Submission)~ Patience, thoughtful, good listener, understanding, supportive, friendly, and generous.
  4. Conscientiousness (Compliant)~ Accurate, precise, careful, correct, systematic, analytical, high-standards.

Amber's career assessment came back with her high score being an I. She scored I=48, S=44, C=30, and D=28. I have to say her scores were right on. She is a very optimistic, outgoing person who tries to encourage and influence others for the better. I can see some of the traits from each group that could apply to her, but her DISC order fits her well. She is a problem solver and likes to prove she is right, but she doesn't have to be in control. 

The list of best match careers for Amber contained 54 occupations. They are a wide range of jobs that goes with her I Style personality. I asked her if she thought she would want to do any of these when she grew up and she said she would like to do about half of them. She said some of the others would be fun, but she wouldn't want to do them as a career. There are some on there that would be a perfect fit for her.

Amber is only 12 and her personality may change as she gets older, but this assessment was right on this time. It would be interesting to have her take this again in a few years when she is seriously thinking about college & careers to see how she has changed over the years. 
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Online DISC Profile: Career Style Report

Ages 13-adult

PeopleKeys offer many more products that work with the DISC personalities and members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew received some of them. Sail over to the Crew Blog to read about those products. 

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