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Monday, September 9, 2013

Every Day Geography

As a young adult I felt very geographically illiterate & I didn't really want my kids to not know about the world they live in.

In our family room we have a wall map of the United States and the world. We use our maps a lot! We use them for school, family discussion, and for fun.

There are easy ways to learn about our wonderful world & country without really trying. If we are reading a book we like to look up the places it mentions. This sometimes helps us understand why certain things happen in the book or helps us understand our characters better.

If we read or hear something in the news we like to look that up on our maps as well. This helps us to be more familiar with people & places far away.

One day my girls decided they wanted to make little paper dolls of themselves and their older brother & sister. They used repositional double sided tape to adhere themselves to the wall map. Some times they like to pretend they live somewhere else, so they will move their paper doll to the country or state they pretend to be from. Michael is in the Army, so they move him where ever he is stationed. Morgan decided to move from Florida back to Colorado. While she was traveling she would let us know when she entered a new state & the girls would move her paper doll along the route as she traveled.

Learning can happen in many forms and their are a lot of ways to learn about geography without really trying.

Do you or your kids have any fun ways to learn about geography?

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