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Friday, August 9, 2013

Live Butterfly Garden #HomeSchool #Butterfly


I ordered some things we needed for school from Amazon & I didn’t tell the girls that I included a Live Butterfly Garden. They were so excited when they opened the box & saw what was inside.
The Butterfly Garden I purchased came with a certificate to order a cup with 5 live caterpillars for only $5.00. Of course the girls made me get online and order them that night so they would get here faster. 

It only took about a week to get our caterpillars and all 5 of them arrived alive.

They watched their caterpillars for along time & they are very excited & impatient waiting for their butterflies.

Now we just have to sit our caterpillars somewhere that we wont have to move them & wait for them to turn into chrysalides.

1 comment:

Stacie said...

I want to do this with my kids this year, since 2 of them will be studying biology. How long does it take for the chrysallis to form? I'm a bit concerned about getting caterpillars now with the seasons getting ready to change.
Please let us know how things go.


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