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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Treat Pop Brownies

Amber loves to cook, she is always trying new recipes or ideas. We were shopping and she saw the Wilton Treat Pops and wanted to get some. That weekend I had a cake order that contained raspberry filling so she decided to go ahead and make her pops, so she could use my leftovers. 
She didn't want to use cake, so she decided to make brownies. I had leftover raspberry sauce, so she used that in some of them. She thought her other ones needed something else, so she decided on fudge icing & then she whipped some cream for the top. 

She made our favorite brownie recipe and while that was baking she made the icing. She accidentally got too much milk in her icing, so it was very runny. She thought it tasted good like that and used it. It was good, but a little messy. We have a biscuit cutter that is the exact size to fit inside the Treat Pop, so she used it to cut out her brownie. She then layered her chocolate icing, raspberry sauce, and brownie until she got to the top. She used a decorating bag to pipe the whipped cream on top. 

Amber had fun & the girls loved them, but thought it was way too much to eat at one time. 

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Unknown said...

I linked to your page from your Walmart review! Thanks for the awesome photos... You showed some yummy ideas I hadn't thought of! I noticed Amazon sells mini cake push pops now (smaller portion size!) But I wonder if you can control the portion on the big ones just by filling it less? Or would it not look good? I might include whipped cream or something fluffy in mine so that my son isn't getting so much sugar. Though he'd have to consume it quicker I'm guessing. Thanks again for the pics and great review! :)

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