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Thursday, July 18, 2013

GoldTown Adventures Schoolhouse Review #hsreviews

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We are always on the lookout for a  good series to read and awhile back we read several books from the Circle C Beginnings series by Susan K. Marlow. We just finished reading Tunnel of Gold which is the second book in her new Goldtown Adventures series.
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In Tunnel of Gold we get to experience life in a gold town through the eyes of 12 year old Jeremiah Coulter. He takes us on one adventure after another as he tries to decide what is good for Goldtown or what is really the right thing to do. The whole town of Goldtown is out of work when the Midas Mine runs out of gold. The owners discover there is more gold deeper down. In order to get to the gold an old abandoned mine that is worked by Jeremiah's friend Wu Shen & his Chinese family must be used as an air shaft. In order for this to happen the Chinese must give up their right to the abandoned mine. With the town against the Chinese Jeremiah's dad, the sheriff, must keep the law & order in the town. Jeremiah also tries to keep the peace between the town boys and his Chinese friend Wu Shen. 

Tunnel of Gold is the second book in the Goldtown Adventures series. This 144 page book is recommended for children ages 8-12. It can be purchased for $7.99 + $2.99 shipping and handling or the first two books can be purchased for $13.95 + $3.00 shipping and handling.

I read this book out loud to all three of my girls ages 8, 11, & 12 and my husband. We all really enjoyed this story & the girls would beg to read more each night. There was plenty of adventure and suspense with big decisions to be made. It is very refreshing to read a book where people decide to do the right thing instead what the majority of the people want or the wealthy people in the town want. I really like how young Jeremiah doesn't fall into peer pressure when the other town boys pick on & beat up his friend Wu Shen. 

We also used the free Study Guide for Tunnel of Gold. This 25 page unit is full of questions, puzzles, graphs, a time line, & recipe. It covers vocabulary words, Transcontinental Railroad, creating brands, and comparing fool's gold with real gold. Susan put a lot of thought into this study guide to create a great unit of study on gold mining.

Susan K. Marlow is the author of the Circle C Adventures and the Circle C Beginnings series. She has been writing stories since she was 10 years old. She enjoys visiting actual sites to help her write her historical adventure stories. 

Crew member received the first 2 books in the Goldtown Adventure series, you can sail over to the Crew Blog to read other reviews. 
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Andi Carter said...

Hi Lisa,
Just stopping by to say a big thank you for your enthusiastic review of Tunnel of Gold. It's great to hear that the "girls" like it too. After writing the girls' books about Andi, this new series was a bit different, being geared to boys. But we also hoped the girls would get into the book too. Sounds like at least SOME girls like it!

Thanks again!

Susan Marlow

(don't be confused by the "Andi Carter" label. My Blogger account is linked to the blog my character writes for the girls' historical series. But it's really me.)

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