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Sunday, July 14, 2013

DiG-iT! MAYAN Mysteries Schoolhouse Review #hsreviews

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A couple years ago Amber played the computer game Roman Town from DiG-it! Games and she loved it. She was so excited to play their new game Mayan Mysteries. She enjoyed the new game as much as she did the first one.
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In Mayan Mysteries you get to explore the mysterious world of ancient Maya. You can discover the ancient artifacts, the Mayan calendar, Mayan Math, and decode glyphs in this educational journey through history. You must also help the professor and his niece and nephew figure out who has been looting the Mayan dig sites. The looters are obviously looking for something specific.

Mayan Mysteries is an online game and is recommended for kids in grades 5-9. You can purchase a year access for $21.99 or check into the iPad App. A classroom addition is also available for up to 30 students.

At the beginning of the game the student can read the story in a cartoon.
During the adventure you visit Mayan people or archeologists.

The Mayan people will give you something to read about their lifestyle.

After reading the story you can play games. This game is a search and find. You need to find the Mayan everyday items.
In this map game you shade land areas according to the different tribes, and label the temples and the agriculture.

After completing the mission for a town you will get a new clue to help you solve the mystery.

Mayan symbols are used in messages that need to be decoded.
The What Am I? game gives you clues about an artifact. As soon as you know what they want you can choose it on the right. 
When two kings go to war the looser pays a tribute to the winner. In the Mayan Math games you must figure out how much to pay. You must use the keys to figure out each amount.
After talking with the villagers and playing the games you will take a quiz about the information you  received. If you miss the question the looters get to move forward & if they capture your car you will have to start the quiz over. 
Quizzes are also included that cover all the information taught.

Amber (age 12) was so excited to get this new game. I gave her the login information and she got right to it. She didn’t want to stop playing when it was time for bed and was very eager to get started on it the next day.

She understood everything she was supposed to do except the Mayan Math game. She wasn’t sure what to do, but once I explained it to her she didn’t have any trouble figuring out the problems. She learned a lot about the Mayans, and was a little disappointed when she finished the game because the mystery is not actually solved in this game but will be continued in part 2. She actually completed the entire game in 2 days, but she spent several hours each day & loves games like this.

My girls like to play computer games, but I don't like them just sitting there playing games that have no purpose when they could do something more productive with their time. I love that in Mayan Mystery they learn History, Geography, and Math skills, but it is also fun for the kids. This game is a win on both sides.

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