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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brown Sugar Sandcastles

I had a cake order with a beach theme. After icing it I decided to add some fondant decorations. 

I thought it needed a little something else, so I added a brown sugar sandcastle. 
It was really fun. I'm thinking someone needs to have a beach wedding theme with a sandcastle as their topper.

Amber & Delaney were at youth camp, so Alaina wanted to be in the kitchen with me, so I gave her some icing, a plate, and a bowl of brown sugar. 

She made a brown sugar castle & added water with people swimming. 
We both had so much fun playing in the brown sugar. I'm thinking this might be a fun activity for VBS next year.

1 comment:

Dianna said...

Gosh you really are talented-- this is awesome--thanks for sharing

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