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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Delaney

I can't believe Delaney is 11. Her birthday was last week and she had her friends spend the night and then we left town the next day, so I haven't had time to blog about her birthday until now. 

Her birthday was on a Wednesday, so we decided to take her cake to the church to share with everyone. She wanted a triangle cake and decided to have cappuccino flavor. She wanted tie die icing with a music theme. 

She had her friends stay the night and we went to the park for a photo scavenger hunt. We divided up in teams and had a list of things we needed to take a photo of. They were all things you normally see at a park with water and wildlife: dog, bicycle, fish, feather on the ground, tire swing, etc. It was kinda funny because after being at the park for a couple of hours we didn't see a dog or a bicycle until we were leaving.

Out of all 4 of my girls, Delaney is the most girly. She makes sure her clothes match and her hair is fixed everyday. She loves to shop and is a people watcher. Laughter comes easy to her and her laugh is very contagious. One way she is just like her sister Morgan is they both take their time in everything they do.
 Happy Birthday Delaney

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