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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A+ TutorSoft, Inc.

It is so nice having at least one kid that really likes math. Alaina is my only one who would rather work on math problems than any other subject, so when we started talking about using A+ TutorSoft, Inc. she was thrilled.

A+ Interactive MATH is a Multi-Sensory interactive computer math program for grades 1-6, pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1. It can be purchased as a Software CD or an Online Edition.

Alaina has been using the 3rd grade Online Edition. It was very easy to get started. I was given a login that took me to the parent account where I can manage my students. I could then assign Alaina her own user name and password.

The 3rd grade Online Edition recommends a 29 week lesson plan. There are 15 chapters containing 5-12 multi-media lessons per chapter. The student also has access to 130 online worksheets, 15 online exams, plus printable worksheets and exams with step-by-step solutions. A+ TutorSoft will keep track of grades from the online worksheets and exams, and a Certificate of  Accomplishments may be printed. A reference section containing 9 pages of math helps including charts, shapes, formulas, math fact tables, money values, and units of time and measurement is also available.


I started Alaina at the first chapter and every day she would log herself in and select the chapter & lesson that she was ready to work on. As the lesson is read to her each line of text is added to her screen so she can read along. She is very good at addition, so the first couple of chapters were very easy for her, but she really needed a refresher on her vocabulary. After the lesson is given there are a series of questions to answer. Some of them are multiple choice, and some she just entered the correct answer. She was a little confused with the multiple choice questions at first, because she wasn't familiar with them. She wanted to click on the first answer that was correct & sometimes the answer would be more than one or all of the above. It didn't take her long to catch on. She has been enjoying this program, and said today that she wants to keep using this instead of going back to her regular math curriculum.

During the lesson when a problem is answered correctly the child is rewarded with a smiley face that pops up and gives the them a 2 thumbs up. If the questions is answered incorrectly the student is told that it is the wrong answer and they are immediately shown how the problem should be worked.
There are several things that I really like about A+ Interactive MATH. My favorite thing is how Alaina knows right away if she answered the problem incorrectly. That way the mistakes are taken care of immediately before she finishes all the problems and then realizes she wasn't doing them right all along. I think the format for the lesson is great, I like that one sentence or line is given one at a time while it is being read. This allows Alaina to see, hear, and read the lesson. I think that would also help a child who gets overwhelmed with too many instructions at once, because they can't see how long the lesson is. The Refernce Sheets were so handy I printed them out, so everyone could access them easily.
 The Online Subscription for 3rd grade and all other levels is available at a Monthly Rate of $19.95, Quarterly Rate of $49.99, or a Yearly Rate of $124.99. The Software CDs are available for $99.99 or the Premium Software CDs are $124.99.
The Online Homeschool Curriculum can be tried for 1-month free of charge. If you are not sure what grade level to start your child in, there is a free placement test available. This chart comparing the 2 Software CD choices and the Online Edition can help you see the differences of each.

A+ Tutorsoft, Inc. has given me a coupon code for 50% OFF good until the end of March. This code is good on any product from A+ TutorSoft and for as many as you would like to buy.
Promotional Code: SPOFFER50 
Members of the SchoolHouse Review Crew received A+ Interactive Math grades 1-4 of the Online Edition and the Software CD. Sail over to the Crew Blog to read more reviews.
Disclaimer: As a member of the SchoolHouse Review Crew I received a year access to 3rd grade A+ Interactive Math from A+ TutorSoft free of charge. I am not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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