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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wedding Cake, Michael & Shelby

I have been decorating cakes since 1990. A few years ago Morgan set up a free webpage & a blog for me, and then later I bought my own domain name Lisa Cay's Cakes. Well Morgan decided to grow up & move away, and I have done nothing with my webpages. I have actually uploaded some pictures to my facebook page, but not many. I decided that for now I will start blogging about some of them here.

I'll start with Michael's wedding cake. His lovely wife didn't have any trouble picking out the style of cake she wanted & she already knew she wanted marble. We had a lot of cake left over, but she is my daughter-in-law & I wanted her to have her hearts desire.
She picked out the cake & I came up with the idea for the gazebo. We just covered it with Tulle & icicle lights. I used fresh roses, and the topper is actually in between the pillared tiers.

 This cake has about 276 servings. I did not count the 6" because they saved it for their first anniversary.
Size & Servings
6" hexagon serves 12
9" hexagon serves 26
12" hexagon serves 40
15" hexagon serves 70
16" square serves 128

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