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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

T is for Thoughtful

This morning when I woke up. Amber & Delaney were already awake. Those of you who know Amber are probably in shock! She does not like to get up no matter what time she goes to bed. When I came down stairs Amber brought me my glass of water & told me I could not go in the kitchen & that I needed to get in the shower first. When I came down they had my breakfast ready.
Waiting for me was a bowl of steel cut oats with strawberries & blueberries, yogurt with blueberries, a mini chocolate chip muffin they had made yesterday, coffee, and the newspaper.
Breakfast was delicious.
Morgan has been on her own for over 2 years & I still miss her! One thing that just isn't the same without her is the random picture taking. Morgan loves to take silly pictures of herself & well everyone. She has an eye for picture taking and gets some very good pictures that I wouldn't normally think of taking. I don't know how many thousands of pictures we have stored & she has taken most of them.

I was so surprised yesterday, because I had a package from Morgan. I was thrilled to find a photo album full of random pictures of her & her sisters. It contained pictures from the past few years when she was on vacation with us, and scenery pictures from all the places she has been.  
My girls are very thoughtful & I cherish every minute I have with them.
They grow up way too fast.
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Jen said...

That is so amazing! I would have been in tears LOL (I'm a sap ;)) your girls did wonderful and I know you will cherish that photo album... said...

That is so precious. I treasure the special moments of thoughtfulness in my house. I have boys, so the times are less frequent, but my baby girl will be growing up before you know it. What a treasure you have in your children.

Jennifer said...

What a sweet start to your day and lovely gift from your daughter. She must know how much those pictures and memories mean to you.

Dawn said...

Oh my - LOVE it. Made my heart melt. Such special moments by special girls!

Unknown said...

As I am getting ready to see my oldest leave the nest, your post brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful post.

Brandi said...

That was really sweet of your kids to make you breakfast. I bet that made your mama heart melt.

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