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Monday, January 14, 2013

R is for Reading

A couple of months after Michael was born we joined a book club where we received 2 books a month. I can't remember how long we participated, but most of the books were by Dr. Suess. We kept them on a low shelf in the living room & he loved them. As soon as he could crawl he would pull each book off the shelf one at a time and look at it. When he had looked at all the books he would look at them again and try to put them away. Of course that didn't happen it just ended up being a pile. He loved for me to read the books to him & I would read to him every night before bed.

Fast forward 22 years & nine book cases and I am still reading out loud to my kids. To bad I didn't keep track of all the books I have read over the years. I pretty much have my kids favorite story books memorized. A few of the books have been stuck in my head for years.

Morgan loved this book. We never actually owned it, but she would check it out at the library just about every time we went. She had me read this book to her so many times that I made her a tape recording of me reading it so she could listen anytime.

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Amber's favorite was The Gingerbread Man Little Golden Book. It is an older book & I'm not sure where we got it from, but we read that over & over when she was younger.

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Alaina loves Ten Dogs In The Window. She has checked this book out at the library so many times & she still does.

When we first started homeschooling I wasn't sure what should be taught when, but one thing I did know was that my kids needed to learn to read well & comprehend what they read. I taught all five of my kids to read using the Phonics & Reading program from Rod & Staff Publishers. It worked very well with all 5 of them. Morgan was my youngest reader at age 4. She didn't want to be left out when Michael was learning to read, so she learned right along with him.

Teaching a child to read is the greatest gift that we can give them. It not only opens up the entire world to them, it makes every other subject in school easier. It also allows them to be able to read God's word and understand what is being said.

I wanted my kids to establish their own habit of reading the Bible, so as soon as they could read I had them read a Bible for children. The one we used had a story on one page & a picture on the other. At the end of the story was one simple questions to answer. Once they were finished with that bible they got to pick out their very own "real" Bible. I had them start at the beginning and just read a little every day. I know they didn't understand a lot until much later, but it was forming a habit. Genesis is a long book for a child that young, so it took awhile for them to finish that book. Once they finish a book, they highlight it in the table of contents. I have very happy children when they can get out the highlighter.

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Stefanie said...

Great idea highlighting the book in the table of contents. Love it!!

wodaking said...

I remember my mom reading aloud to me, and I do it with my kids now. Wonderful post. I love how you highlighted each of your children's favorite books!

Tess said...

I was going to do an R is for Reading. It's only been 17 years and I don't read aloud as much as I used to but we still enjoy it. I remember Goodnight Gorilla and Harold and the Purple Crayon as two of the books I had to read over and over again.

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