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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

O is for Ornaments

Every year my kids pick out a new Christmas ornament. We have quite the collection & this year we put up 5 trees. We have our big tree, and 4 small trees. 
Michael usually picked out sport team ornaments, mostly Huskers. The first Christmas he was married I gave him his box of ornaments. That was a very sad day for me. There is so much history in that ornament box & I hope Shelby appreciates having a part of his childhood. I kept his stocking, I didn't want to part with it!
I still have Morgan's ornaments. The girls decorate our green 3' tree with hers. She picked out a lot of different ornaments over the years.
 Amber has a purple tree that is in her room. She probably has the biggest variety & her favorite one is her nutcracker.
 Delaney has a blue tree. She tends to choose dolls or elegant ornaments. One of her favorite ornaments is the china doll in pink.
 Alaina has a pink tree & she usually leans toward animal ornaments. Last year I think she ended up buying a couple of pig ornaments.
This is our main tree & some years I decorate it with the red, white, & silver ornaments, and other years I use purple & silver. My favorite ornaments are my blown glass icicles & my sayings.
I filled the glasses on my piano with ornaments this year. I don't normally like blue, but I think they look pretty.
 My sweet hubby brought me some purple flowers the other day, so I pulled out some of my purple ornaments to go with them.
 The girls haven't picked out their ornament for this year yet, I guess we better do that soon.
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Kym said...

I love that your kids each have their own tree and their own ornaments they've picked out! My kids each have a collection of ornaments that we are working on for them - most of the ornaments come from my aunts, who send ornaments for each kid as their Christmas gifts.

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