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Friday, November 16, 2012

Bible Detective

My girls love puzzle books, Alaina is always on the lookout for a new one. This time we found one with Bible stories that she knows. The Bible Detective is a puzzle book with 17 scenes of Bible events where kids can find items within the Bible story. Each puzzle covers two pages and gives a short summary of the Bible account. The items to be found are things that are from everyday life of the time of each story. The year of the event & Bible reference are included to make it easier to read the Bible account for yourself.  
My girls really liked finding all the objects for each puzzle.
After reading the Bible story the kids get to be the detective by finding all the images within the colorful illustration. Some of the pictures you are looking for in the scene contain facts about the person or object. Don't forget to find Wiley the Fox, he is hiding in every scene.
I was a little puzzled myself as to why the dates are given in CE & BCE instead of AD & BC, and in the story of Peter preaches about Jesus used the sentence "Three days later, however, they claimed they had seen him alive, and that he had told them to spread his message." The Bible says Jesus did raise from the dead three days later & it is my understanding that the reason people use CE & BCE to reference an era shared in common between Christians and other religions. It thought this was odd since it is a Bible Detective book with Bible stories.
The Bible Detective was written by Peter Martin and Illustrated by Peter Kent. 
Disclaimer: I received Bible Detective free of charge as part of the Kregel Blog Tour in exchange for my honest review.

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