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Sunday, October 28, 2012

H is for Home Economics...

H is for Home Economics.....

The girls and I were talking one day & they wanted to know what was my favorite subject in school. I wasn't very scholarly, so I told them probably Computers & Home Ec. They wanted to know what I did in those classes. They were really surprised that there would actually be a class on cooking in school.

The next week Amber was struggling with her math & was just not having a very good day. All of a sudden she jumped up out of her chair & proclaimed, "I'm going to do Home Ec." Then she asked, "Is that OK?" So off she went to the kitchen to make some cookies. This has now become her release when she is frustrated with her work.

All three of the girls like to cook & they have been searching and trying new recipes for a local recipe contest. Amber enters every year, but Delaney & Alaina have missed a few years. This year the theme is Favorite Holiday Ethnic Recipe. Mike is half Finnish, so Amber & Alaina decided to find a Finnish recipe to take, but Delaney chose one of her favorites that is from Mexico. Amber chose Suomalainen Pulla which is a braided sweet bread, Alaina chose Mairea Karpaloita which is sugared cranberries, and Delaney chose Mexican Hot Chocolate. They all tasted great & they had a good time searching for recipes & trying new things.

I think they all turned out great. The sweet bread was good, I liked the hot chocolate because it isn't overly sweet, and those cranberries.......they are addicting!!

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