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Friday, October 12, 2012

F is for Forts...

F is for Forts, Teepees, and Trading Posts......

A couple of years ago we had a tree taken out of our yard. We had an ice storm and some branches fell off, so we knew it needed to come down. We gave most of the tree to friends who heat with a wood stove, but we saved some of the branches and logs to use in our fire pit. Most of the time they are not in their nice little pile. The girls like to use them to make forts, teepees, and trading posts.

A couple of weeks ago we attended a Humanities Guild presentation about Peter Sarpy. He was essential in the development of the Nebraska Territory and owned several Fur Trading Posts. My girls usually pretend to be Indians and make teepees, but since the presentation they have been making trading posts.

This is their newest fort. They propped the sticks up around their playhouse, so they could have a trading post.

 They go inside and offer items to trade from their window. 

When they play Indians they pick items from the garden to make a soup. They mix herbs, tomatoes, bell peppers, and whatever else they can find to mix in their bucket. They also use a pitcher to make sun tea with the herbs we grow.

During the winter months they use blankets to hang from the top bunk to have a fort on the bottom bunk.

What about your kids, do they like to make forts?

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Unknown said...

That is awesome! My kids like pillow forts....and then just hanging out in the trees.

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