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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Math is not a favorite subject at our house. We seem to do better with story problems than with just repetition, because my girls can understand what it going on in the problem. It will be very interesting when we get to Algebra and higher! We may need to call 911.....Math911 that is.

Math911 is a computer program that comes on a flash drive, so you can use it anywhere even without internet. There are practice exercises that include step-by-step solutions and answers for Introductory Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. The student is never graded for a wrong answer, only correct ones, and students work on the problems until they master them.


As Math911's Disclaimer states this program is not a game, it is all math.

Here is a screen shot of Math911. This is for Statistics under Pre-Calculus. Algebra is the highest math I have completed or taught my older kids (with the help of DVD's), just for fun I wanted to try something harder. I started the Statistics and I actually mastered level 1, I was excited!! I had to miss several and look at the solutions, but I figured it out. I spent most of my time using Introductory Algebra. In the top left of the report is where you register your program & you can see which version of the software you are using. The lessons are listed at the bottom and you can see your score for each level. You can click on any lesson to start at level 1 or you can click on a lesson level to work on more specific problems. You may change your course in the top right corner.

This screen is where you work the problems. The problem is at the top and your instructions are in the bottom white box. Your answer will appear in the white box with the gray border. If certain symbols need to be used in an answer that you cannot type on the keyboard a box will appear under the answer box, so you can click on the correct symbol. The very top tells you the section and type of problems you are working on. The pink box in the bottom right shows you the number of problems, and they are generated randomly. If you get it correct it will turn green. The grade for this level is in the top right, and the number of levels for this topic is underneath it. You may change your level at anytime. The bright green box on the right is where you can see the solution to the problem. You can also use the calculator, print the screen, get a new problem, or change sections.

When you first start the program and pick your course you will be started at level 1, or you can choose where you would like to start. Once you master the level you are working on you will automatically advance to the next level. You can always go back and practice the problems from any previous level.

Professor Weissman has the PDF files for his Algebra Classroom as a free download at Math911. It is divided into small units and you will learn by reading questions and answers. He will also show you how you will use Algebra in everyday life with humor and jokes to make it fun.

The Standard Version of Algebra One is free at Math911. There is an option to upgrade to the Premier Version which includes all the other courses for $49.95. If you use the Promo homeschool you can get the entire program for $9.95. The Premier Version also comes with free lifetime updates, technical support, and separate grade reports for all family members (including Mom & Dad).

Professor Weissman, creator of Math911, has been a Mathematics teacher for 50 years. He felt the most important part of the textbook were the 'illustrative' examples. His students have agreed with him that there isn't enough of these types of problems included in textbooks, so he decided to create Math911.

My girls have not started Algebra yet, so I have been using Math911. For the most part I stuck with Introductory Algebra, but as you saw above I did venture out a little. It had been a few years since I completed any Algebra problems, and I was surprised at what I remembered. There was also a lot I had forgotten, but after looking at the solutions I remembered how to work them.

This is a no frills math program and it can be used with any curriculum. I didn't have any problems with the download or the upgrade to the Premiere Version. The program is very simple to use, and I really like that there are no games, videos, or time wasters between problems. This would have been nice to have a few years ago when my older 2 kids were home doing Algebra for our homeschool & my son could have benefited from this for his college classes as well. I will definitely be including this in Amber's math class next year.

At only $9.95 every child or adult who is working on or reviewing upper level math could benefit from this program.

Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received the Premiere Version download free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

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