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Saturday, September 15, 2012

B is for Blessings

This week is quickly coming to an end & I haven't written my Blogging Through the Alphabet post. I asked my girls what I should write about & Amber said 'B' is easy.....blessings, so blessings it is.

Blessings can come in a variety of forms & God has truly blessed me in my life. I want to talk about an a very obvious blessing & that would be my kids. Growing up I always wanted 2 kids, 1 boy & 1 girl & that is what I had. Michael was born first & then 22 months later I had Morgan, and I thought our family was complete.

I was 23 & had both the kids I had ever wanted, so Mike & I decided I should have a tubal ligation. Mike was getting ready to separate from the Air Force and we didn't have a job lined up, so we thought it would be for the best especially since we thought our family was complete. After 6 years & several moves across the country we were settled in a new town with a great job for Mike, and I started having baby fever.

I had heard  about a tubal reversal, but I didn't know anyone at the time who had went through this. I did some research at the library & online and found a doctor who specialized in this surgery. In 2000 we traveled to Salt Lake City to have my surgery & everything went great.

 You can probably imagine our excitement when I found out I was pregnant & Amber was born in 2001. Any time you have a tubal reversal you run the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy or having your tubes close back up, needless to say we were a little concerned about that happening. Everything was fine with my pregnancy with Amber & Delaney was born only 14 months behind her and Alaina was born in 2004.

When I had my tubal ligation they had actually clamped my tubes. To reverse it they had to cut out the clamp and stretch my fallopian tubes & sew them back together. Due to complications with Amber, I ended up having a C-section with all three of the little girls. When Alaina was born my Dr. said that my tubes were closing back up & he was really surprised that I even got pregnant the third time. Since there was now a higher risk of having an ectopic pregnancy we decided that 5 kids were enough & I had a second tubal ligation.

In the last few years I have met several people who have had a tubal reversal for various reasons and some have been lucky enough to have more children & some have not. We are very thankful to God & modern medicine that we could once again add to our family. My husband & children are my greatest blessing here on this earth.

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Stacie said...


Thanks for sharing such a personal, but wonderful story! I am glad that God blessed your family to grow. I often wonder how I will know when my family is complete.

Take care,

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