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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Math Essentials


Math Essentials is not just another math curriculum, it is a system of teaching math. This system has been developed over a 30 year period & leads to results. Each year about 1/2 of sixth grade students who use this program go right into eighth grade algebra.

We received Mastering Essential Math Skills Book Two with DVD & Mastering Essential Math Skills Decimals and Percents book.

Mastering Essential Math Skills
Table of Contents/Sample Pages

This 143 page workbook also comes with an instructional DVD. It covers whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percent, geometry, integers, charts & graphs, and word problems. Each lesson should take about 20 minutes and they all follow the same 8 steps.
  1. 4 Review problems
  2. 2 Speed drills
  3. Check review problems
  4. Introduction to new material
  5. Helpful hints
  6. 2 Sample problems
  7. 7-10 Daily exercise problems
  8. Check & correct answers
After each section there is a 20 question review & the final review is 8 pages with 20 questions covering each section. All the answers are in the back of the book.
Mastering Essential Math Skills Decimals and Percents
Table of Contents/Sample Pages

This 80 page workbook covers the four decimal operations and shows the relationship between decimals, fractions, and percents. Real-life problem soling will give the students the tools for using math in real-life situations. This book is used in a 5 step process and should only take 15-20 minutes per day.
  1. 6 Review exercises
  2. Helpful hints with new material
  3. 2 Sample problems
  4. 10 Daily problems & 1 story problem
  5. Check & correct problems
When my girls use a workbook that has the directions on them, they will highlight the key points so that they can refer back to it without reading all the instructions. In the Math Essential books we didn't feel this was necessary because in the Helpful Hints section the instructions are only the facts and are very easy to understand. One reason this curriculum is popular here is that each lesson is on one page & only has 10 new problems to work. Rick Fisher developed this program and he is the teacher on the DVD. He explains what needs to be done and writes the problems on a white board in black and uses red to show the work in progress. This makes it very easy to see what is being done in the problem. Math is not the favorite subject at our house & I am looking forward to finishing this book with Amber to see if she can be ready for Algebra by the time she is finished.
Rick Fisher developed the Math Essential teaching system to get elementary, junior high, & high school children ready for algebra in less than one school year. Rick graduated with a B.A. in mathematics from San Jose State University & he has devoted his time to teaching 5th & 6th grade students.

During July, August, and September if you order Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 1, Book 2, or No-Nonsense Algebra you will get a FREE copy of Geometry (a $14.95 value) PLUS A FREE Homework Kit ($4.99 value).

Crew members received one item from America's Math Teacher DVD Series:
  • Mastering Essential Math Skills, Book 1 (Book and DVD)
  • Mastering Essential Math Skills, Book 2 (Book and DVD)
  • Mastering Essential Math Skills, Pre-Algebra (Book and DVD)
Plus our choice of one item from the Mastering Essential Math Skills Book Series:
  • Mastering Essential Math Skills: Decimals and Percents (Book)
  • Mastering Essential Math Skills: Fractions (Book)
  • Mastering Essential Math Skills: Geometry (Book)
  • Mastering Essential Math Skills: Problem Solving (Book)
  • Mastering Essential Math Skills: Whole Numbers and Integers (Book)
Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 2 & Decimals and Percents free of charge, from Math Essentials, to use with my children in exchange for my honest review.

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