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Friday, July 20, 2012

Map Trek from Knowledge Quest

I hated school growing up! I guess with history I felt like all we did was memorize peoples names & dates....ugh! When we decided to homeschool I knew it was important to learn history & I wanted to make sure I learned right along with the kids. So when we study, read literature, or even read the bible I like to look at the map to see where things are taking place, or where people lived. That means we are always looking for maps. Recently we have been finding our maps in our Map Trek e-books from Knowledge Quest.

Map Trek is an atlas plus historical outline maps that allows you to teach geography with history. It is available as a hardbound book,  6 e-books as a download, or CD.

  • Map Trek: Ancient World ~ contains 34 full-color teacher answer maps, 32 blank outline student maps, 4 grid maps, 2 blank grids, lesson plans, glossary of terms, and instructions how to use these maps.
  • Map Trek: Medieval World ~ contains 34 full-color teacher answer maps, 32 blank outline student maps, 4 grid maps, 2 blank grids, lesson plans, glossary of terms, and instructions.
  • Map Trek: New World ~ 43 full-color teacher answer maps, 43 blank outline student maps, lesson plans, glossary of terms, and instruction.
  • Map Trek: Modern World ~ 49 full-color teacher answer maps, 49 blank student outline maps, lesson plans, glossary of terms, and instructions.
  • Map Trek: US Edition 1 & 2 ~ 106 full-color teacher answer maps, 106 blank student outline maps, 53 historical maps, 50 state maps, 3 full US maps (different sizes), lessons plans, and instructions.
You can see a list of all the maps for each e-book by clicking the links above.

All 4 World e-books are $14.95 and the US edition is $19.95 or you can purchase all 6 e-books for $47.00. The hardcover and CD can be purchased together for $55.00.

Map Trek can be used for grade 1-12 and the lesson plans are broken down into 3 levels - Level A (grades 1-4), Level B (grades 5-8), and Level C (grades 9-12). The blank maps can be filled in by the students and checked with the teacher maps. The grid maps & blank grids can be used to help your kids learn to draw land masses.

Map Trek can be used with any History program and there are Curriculum Integration Guides for some very popular history programs at Knowledge Quest. They will be adding to this list and if you would like one added for your favorite history resource you can send them an email at

 We received all 6 e-books from Knowledge Quest & they are wonderful! I love that they can be used with any curriculum & we even use them for our own curiosity or to look up places we are reading about. We even found a map of the Native American Tribal Groups & this is pretty important to my girls because they are always playing Indians. I love having this on my computer it makes it so easy to print out the maps we need. The lesson plans work great, all students complete the Level A work & then grades 1-4 are finished, the rest of the grades will complete Level B then grades 5-8 are finished with grades 9-12 finishing their assignments.

Todd & Terri Johnson have been homeschooling their 6 kids for 14 years. They started Knowledge Quest because they saw a need in the homeschool market for simple black & white maps that children could label & color while studying world and American history.
If you would like a Map Trek sample just sign up for Knowledge Quest's twice monthly newsletter.

Member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew also received TimeMaps from Knowledge Quest so sail on over to the Crew Blog to learn about it.
Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received Map Trek free of charge, from Knowledge Quest, in exchange for my hones review.

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