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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Almost all the packages we get in the mail to review are books or are for school, my girls still get very excited over them. This time Alaina was overly pleased with what was inside!! When she saw that it was a CuddleUppet she said "I saw that on TV at Papa's house"!

We received the Yellow Puppy CuddleUppet & all three of my girls ages 7, 10, & 11 have enjoyed playing with it but Alaina (age 7) has had the most fun. She is already planning on taking it in the car on our next trip. My friend was over one day & her 4 & 6 year old boys also had a blast playing with our puppy. It is the perfect size and weight for little kids to carry around but big enough to snuggle up with for an afternoon nap.

CuddleUppet is a blanket that is also a puppet. There are 6 different colored animal CuddleUppets to choose from and they can be purchased online for $19.99 with each additional one for $16.99.

Disclaimer: I received the Yellow Puppy CuddleUppet free of charge to write a review. No monetary compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.

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