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Monday, April 23, 2012

Extra Activities in Our Homeschool

Wow! I haven't participated in the Blog Cruise in a long time. I keep forgetting about it & this one should have already been turned in. Maybe I should add it to my calendar so I have to do it. This week the Blog Cruise is about how extra activities get incorporated into our homeschool. My girls are very hands on learners so they make sure we get our activities done.

All three of my girls take piano lessons and I don't want to waste my money so I make sure that they practice at least 5 times a week. Amber is very musically inclined so I never even have to tell her to practice, she could practice hours everyday. If we are going out she is usually the first person ready & she will play the piano until everyone else is ready to go. Delaney & Alaina both like to practice and it is included on their daily work schedule so they know they have to practice. Amber also decided she wanted to play the ukulele so Delaney & Alaina decided they wanted to learn too. We purchased 3 ukuleles and there is a gentleman at church that is helping them a little but for the most part Amber has taught herself to play and then she shows her sisters. They are having a lot of fun with them and Amber & Delaney played for a rally at church only after playing for a couple of months. Amber has borrowed a flute from a friend at church and is teaching herself to play this instrument too. My girls don't have a problem getting music into their schooling.

Delaney & Amber playing Jesus Loves Me

I have my girls keep an art journal where they can write & draw whatever they want in their book. They like to draw so this gets done several times a week because it is fun for them. I don't grade the writing it is mainly just to get them to write. My oldest daughter did this for years and it is so neat to look at how her drawing and penmanship has improved over the years. Now that she is grown and is busy with work she still writes in her journal but she doesn't get as much drawing into it. My girls still love to color so they usually color pictures at night during our family read aloud time. They also like to do needlework and latch hook but we don't get a lot of painting done just because we don't always think about it. Paper crafting is another big one at our house. My girls love to make cards, scrapbook, and just cut out designs on our Cricut. They also like to make hair bows and create things with duct tape.

I guess one benefit of having girls is they like to be in the kitchen. They would rather make fun things than actual dinner but they do enjoy baking and making candy. They also know how to decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes which could fit into home ec. and art.  

For group sport activities all three of my girls play soccer and Amber even volunteered to be a referee this year. They will also get in a lot of swimming this summer because Alaina needs to get into swimming lessons so this will make sure we make it to the pool.

Amber is a very active person and is very self motivated. She will go out and help her dad with the vehicles. They have an old truck that they are working on and I think she is going to learn to change the oil soon.

What about your homeschool? How do you incorporate extra activities into your school? The Blog Cruise goes live 4/24/2012 so head on over and read what extra activities are getting done.


Jennifer said...

I've been lagging on the blog cruise, but it is fun. I remember my Daddy teaching me how to change the oil, but am very thankful my sweet husband does that now.

i cant decide said...

Wow, your girls are busy. I love your idea of having them keep and art journal. I may have to borrow that.

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