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Monday, March 19, 2012

Progeny Press Across Five Aprils Review

Every night after our family devotions all the kids (and dad when he is home) lay around the living room while I read aloud. We love to read good historical fiction because we can travel back in time and see how others lived. I try to incorporate the books we read into our school and my girls love learning this way.

We just finished reading Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt. This book is about a young boy who is left to take care of the farm after his brothers went off to fight in the war between the states and his dad suffers a heart attack. We used a Progeny Press Study Guide to go along with our book.
The study guide contains information about the author of the study guide, the author of the book, the peer review panel, a note to the instructor, synopsis, and background information on the book. The worksheet sections of the study guide cover 2 chapters from the book at a time. It is suggested that the guide be completed in 8-10 weeks generally working on one section every week. They suggest that you read the book the first week and then compete one study guide page per day. The sections contain vocabulary words, prereading activities, activities during reading, thought questions, map work, writing assignments, and Internet sources.

I used the study guide with Amber (age 11) & Delaney (age 9). We found a copy of Across Five Aprils at the library for this guide. I wanted to make sure we could get the majority of the study guide completed so I read the book out loud and the girls worked on the lessons. We all enjoyed the book and study guide very much. It shows a little about both sides of the war and inspired several great conversations in our family about finances, work ethic, and that there are 2 sides in every situation. The study guide was very easy to use and detailed.

Mrs. Carol Clark teaches junior high language arts and is the author of the Across Five Aprils Study Guide. She has a passion for helping kids learn, teaching great literature, and encouraging kids to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Progeny Press Across Five Aprils Study Guide is for grades 5-9 can be purchased from their catalog as a booklet for $18.99, a CD for $16.99, E-Mail PDF for $16.99. The Across Five Aprils book can be purchased for $5.99 with a set being $23.99. The study guide contains 64 pages and comes with permission for the individual teacher who made the purchase to reproduce the pages for classroom or home.

The study guides are available in Elementary, Upper Elementary, Junior High, and High School. They can be printed or they are also interactive so you may type the answers directly into the page on your computer.
Progeny Press is a family business operated by Michael & Rebecca Gilleland since 1992. They started their study guides because they could not find literature studies that helped them teach classical cultural literature combined with a Christian perspective. In 1993 they had 18 study guides and today they have 107.

The Crew was offered 6 different study guides. Sail on over to the Crew Blog to read about the other 5.
As a member of the TOS Crew I received a PDF download of the Across Five Aprils Study Guide free of  charge to use with my children in exchange for my review.

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