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Friday, March 23, 2012

101 Bible Adventures

What book can your children read that contains stories of shipwrecks, plagues, battles, miracles, love, and forgiveness?
The Bible!

There is a lot of action and adventure in the Bible and 101 Bible Adventures the Ultimate Quest For Truth contains 101 of them. These Bible stories are from the New Living Translation and are a high-energy, adventure-filled approach to learning life lessons from Scripture. Each selection explores the Bible while learning about forgiveness, love, and God's plan for our lives.  

Each story has 3 features plus a comic to go with it:
  1. What's Up ~ This section gives you an overview of the story.
  2. Key Verse ~ There is a Bible verse for each story that sum's up it's meaning.
  3. Now What? ~ Is an application section that asks questions that will challenge kids to apply the meaning of the story to their lives.
We have daily devotions every evening at our house and as soon as my kids learn to read they start their own personal devotion first thing in the morning. 101 Bible Adventures is a great book for them to use on their own. By reading the overview and the comic first it helps them to understand what the Bible selection is about. I really like having the Key Verse because it gives us a verse to dwell on throughout the day. The questions included in the application section are great for generating conversations during our family devotions.

101 Bible Adventures the Ultimate Quest For Truth was written by Carolyn Larsen. She is a mother of three and has written more than 40 books for kids and adults. She has sold more than on million Little Girls Bible Storybook products and is the cofounder of the performing group FlashPoints.

Dr. Ken Taylor started Tyndale House Publishers when he paraphrased the Bible to help kids understand God's Word. Tyndale Kids seeks to provide theologically sound, relevant, age-appropriate content that helps kids have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

I received 101 Bible Adventures free of charge from Tyndale Kids in exchange for my review.

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