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Friday, December 9, 2011

Magazine Christmas Trees

These cute little Christmas Trees are impressive and are very cheap to make. I usually find old magazines at our local library that are on the free table. Thicker magazines give you a fuller tree.
They make wonderful Holiday decorations, gifts for friends and I have handed them out to people when we go Christmas Caroling.

Supplies Needed
Magazines (any size)
Spray Paint (any color)
Glitter (any color)

1. Open magazine and bend binding backward up and down the spine.

2. Fold top right corner of page into the center of the magazine.

3. Grab the top right corner of the page you just folded and fold into the center. You will have a point sticking out the bottom of the magazine.

Repeat on every page.

 4. Fold pointed corner in between both folds.

5. Repeat on every page. Your tree should then be able to stand up on it’s own.
6. Spray tree with spray paint in a well ventilated area.
6. While paint is still wet sprinkle with glitter.
Let dry and enjoy.

1 comment:

berrypatch said...

This brought back memories! We used to make these when I was young out of our Reader's Digest magazines. ;-)

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