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Monday, November 14, 2011

Math Mammoth

Math has never been Amber's favorite subject, she hasn't had trouble learning it she just dislikes it. When the Crew was offered Math Mammoth to review I was a little curious about it because I would like her to enjoy math more. I did not review it last year but the Crew members who did gave it the Homeschool Crew Seaworthy Award so if it was that good I wanted to try it.

Marie Miller was very generous to the Crew, she let us choose what we would like to review. I sent her an email telling her what Amber (age 10) is using for her math curriculum, that she doesn't have trouble with it & that she loves fractions. She was nice enough to send us 3 PDF books, Arithmetic 1, Introduction to Fractions, and Geometry 1. Amber has been using all three of the books and her regular math during our review. We printed all 3 of our books and had them spiral bound at our local office supply store.

Geometry I
Amber learns better if she can physically do something with her hands, she is not big on reading directions. When she is learning something new she just wants to try it & figure it out on her own. (Just like her mother). She said "I really like the Geometry book because I get to draw and use my tools, I like when I can work with things instead of just answering the questions."

Math Mammoth Geometry I gives a thorough view of basic plane geometry. This book can be purchased for $7.00 as a PDF download or $12.50 for a black & white book. It is recommended for grade 4-6 with an emphasis on learning through drawing. This is a very hands on book and the drawing required in it helps the child achieve an understanding of Geometry. In this book the student should keep a notebook that will contain all the new terms or concepts that are learned. They will also need a protractor and a triangle-shaped ruler. The first part of the book deals with angles, shapes, and classifying triangles. The student will learn the seven different terms used for classifying quadrilaterals and there is a brief section on congruent and similar figures. The students are then taught to calculate areas of triangles and parallelograms with the end of the book studying solids. The PDF download may be printed or your student can fill it in on the computer, using the typewriter and drawing tools in Acrobat Reader version 9 or greater.
Arithmetic I
Amber said that she likes Arithmetic I better than her regular math book. She could relate to the real situations that were in the problems. She also loves history and geography so she was very excited when she had problems with information she could share with the rest of us. We will definitely be buying more books in this series.

Make It Real Learning Arithmetic I focuses on real world situations using addition, subtraction, estimation, division, bar graphs, etc. Each problem uses real companies, countries and real issues. This 46 page PDF download written by Frank C. Wilson is recommended for grades 3-6 and retails for $4.99. With this PDF file you have the option of printing the book or having the student complete their work on the computer, using the typewriter and drawing tools in Acrobat Reader version 9 or greater. Fruit Snacks: Working with Averages is a   free sample of one of the 10 activities included in the book and the complete Activity Objectives are listed on the website and in the front of the book. Some of the activities include Australia, South Africa, sharing snacks, country populations, and coins in the United States.

Introduction to Fractions
The Introduction to Fraction is very easy for Amber, Fraction 1 would probably been more challenging but she loves fractions and had fun with this book. This book is very pleasing to the eye when it is printed. The fraction pictures are all in color and it is very clear to see what part you are looking at. The book is taught directly to the child and Amber understood all the directions and she didn't need any help with this book.

Math Mammoth Introduction to Fractions is a self-teaching worktext geared for children in the 2-4 grade. The first two lessons are for second grade and the rest of the book is for third and forth. All the answers are in the back of the book. The PDF download for this 84 page book is $4.00 and the black & white printed copy is $10.50.

The topics covered are
  • one-half and fourth parts
  • concept of a fraction
  • concept of a mixed number
  • adding and subtracting like fractions
  • adding and subtracting mixed numbers with like fractional parts
  • equivalent fractions with pictures
  • comparing fractions - special cases
  • finding fractional part of a whole using division
Marie Miller is the author of the Math Mammoth books. Her aim is to help parents to teach math so their kids can understand it. The books are written so that the parent and child can understand the concept making it a self-teaching curriculum. She wants to make her materials affordable, a full curriculum can be purchased for $32.00. There are also over 300 free sample worksheets and pages from her books. All items can be purchased in bundles for considerable savings.

Math Mammoth offers math products for grades 1-8 in these options.
The curriculum is color coded:
If you are not sure where to start I would definatly sign up for the free samples and the newsletter. There are also placement tests to help you decide.

mammoth stuffed toyOf course if you use Math Mammoth your kids might want to buy one. Maybe it could be used as an incentive for having a great year of math.

I'm thinking Amber would really like the States by the Numbers in the Make it Real Series. There are 50 workbooks in this one and the data comes from the Census Bureau.

The members of the Crew all received different math products from Math Mammoth. You can sail over to the Crew blog to read what other members thought about the different books. I know I'll be reading them.
As a member of the TOS Crew I received Introduction to Fractions, Geometry I, and Arithmetic I PDF downloads free of charge from Math Mammoth to use with my children in exchange for my review.

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