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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pig Pile

RNRGames LogoWe have a new game, and it is also our first TOS Crew review of the year. We love to play games at our house and Alaina loves pigs so when we were offered the game Flea Circus or Pig Pile from R & R Games I knew we would want to try Pig Pile. It was a big hit!!

I have a coupon code for 20% off any purchase from R&R Games (see below for details).

Amber (10), Delaney (9), and Alaina (6) and I all had a good time playing the game. The first time we played the game Alaina was ahead the whole time & once all the girls had a few pigs they got silly. They played with the pigs, made pyramids, used the domino effect, and got the giggles.

The person with the most pigs at the end of the game wins. After each hand you collect 3 pigs if you win the hand, 2 if you come in second and 1 if you are third. To win a hand you need to get rid of all your cards, but you have a better chance of getting a Hog Wash (clear away all the cards in the discard pile) if you have more cards. Just when you are getting low of cards and think you might win the hand you may have to pick up the Pig Pile (discard pile) because you don't have a card that you can play.
The dealer gives each person 7 cards to hold in their hand, 3 cards face down (Slop Cards)  in front of them, and 3 cards face up above their Slop Cards. There will be one discard pile (Pig Pile) and one Draw Pile. The players take turns by placing one or more cards on the Pig Pile, they must be equal or bigger than the card that is already there. Once the player is out of cards in their hand they will play from the 3 face up cards and then the Slop Cards are played last. 
The girls had so much fun playing with their pigs while we played the game.
They even played with the pigs when we weren't playing the game. If you stand them up you can knock them over like dominoes.

Pig Pile is a card game recommended for 3-6 players, ages 7 and up. It comes with 80 cards, 40 pink pigs, and a rule book for $15.95. It can be purchased from R&R Games for $15.95.

Recieve 20% off any purchase from R&R Game website before the end of the year.
Use Coupon Code: CREW20
RnR Games Pig Pile 

R&R Games, Inc. began as a fun forum for friends and families to gather. It started with the game Riddles & Riches created by Frank DiLorenzo it was such a big hit that he decided to design, invent and create games full time and now they offer family, party, and stratagey games

Their Mission is to produce high quality family board games so that we can play around all the time. Fun games. Challenging games. Big games, little games, games that climb on rocks... (Oh wait, that's something else...)

RnR Games
Sail over to the TOS Crew Blog to read what other members thought of Pig Pile and Flea Circus.
As a member of the TOS Crew I recieved Pig Pile free of charge from R&R Games in exchange for our use and review of their game. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Winner Hand Sanitizer

Lynn has won my Prefense Hand Sanitizer Giveaway,
I hope you and your daughter like it as much as we do.

Lynn blogs at This Day Has Great Potential
I used to choose my winner.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Prefense Hand Sanitizer Giveaway

 Alaina, my six year old daughter loves clean hands. She washes her hands and uses hand sanitizer over and over again every day. I have very dry skin and I have never liked the way some hand sanitizers leave my hands feeling very dry and I don't want Alaina to have the same problem. When I first heard of Prefense Hand Sanitizer I wanted to try it & see if it would have the same effect since it doesn't contain alcohol.

I let Alaina open the package & she was very excited because she knew she would be using this hand sanitizer more than anyone else in the family. Of course she had to use it as soon as it was open. She loved that the liquid turned to foam in her hand, she blew the foam across her hand and then sniffed it several times to get a good smell. She said it smells so good. The Prefense Hand Sanitizer has a very mild citrus smell and it is very light and refreshing on my hands, it left my hands feeling like I had just used lotion.

Here is why Prefense Hand Sanitizer works so well.

  • No alcohol! Prefense is made of natural ingredients and has absolutely NO alcohol in it!
  • Our technology protects you for 24 hours or 10 hand washings!  This is what moms really love to hear about!
  • Prefense is non-toxic and safe for kids! It will not hurt you if swallowed!
  • Prefense is silica based which means it doesn’t dry out your hands like traditional alcohol sanitizers.  It actually smooths and softens your hands. You can totally see this when you apply it!
  • Prefense protects against staph, strep, E.coli, drug resistant MRSA strains, and more. We fight germs that other hand sanitizers can’t.
  • Because “one spray lasts all day” our 1.5 oz Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer offers 120 applications, costing only $.08 per day, compared to $1.20 per day with alcohol hand sanitizers. 
Prefense products can be purchased directly from them or from Amazon. You can also enter to win an 8 ounce bottle here.

One of my readers in the United States will win an 8 ounce bottle of Prefense Hand Sanitizer, that will give you 640 applications with one squirt lasting all day. You must live in the United States to win and all you have to do is leave me a comment. I will choose a winner using on Monday morning, August 29.

Extra Entries:
  • Follow my blog with GFC.
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  • Like Prefense on FB.
  • Follow Prefense on Twitter.
 I received a bottle of Prefense Hand Sanitizer free of charge for my use & one to giveaway in exchange for my review.

Blog Hop With the TOS Crew

Crew Blog Hop
Welcome to the first Blog Hop for the TOS Crew for the 2011-2012. This is my second year with the Crew and love meeting new blogs. If you would like to join in on the Hop or just read and follow other blogs you can head on over to A Glimpse of Our Life, Our Homeschool Studio, or Our Village is a Little Different to get the details.

First Post Ever Link Up

Training Children Up For Christ

My friend over at Training Up Children for Christ is hosting an awesome Blog Link Up, it is for your very first blog post. It has been so much fun visiting each of these posts and seeing how long people have been blogging. Any blogger can link their first post up or you can just stop over and read a few.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Vacation

My family and I have been extremely busy this summer. We started out with VBS at church in June, I am in charge of crafts so that is a very busy (messy) week for me but it is a lot of fun. Amber used Shelby's dog Nancy for dog 4H so we walked in the Nebraskaland Days Parade with our group.

Nancy & Amber, Alaina, and Delaney waiting for the parade to start.

Morgan came up from CO so she could go on vacation with us. We started out meeting 2 of my sisters and their families in Pigeon Forge, TN. We rented an awesome cabin for 3 nights.

After TN we all headed to IN to visit family and celebrate the 4th of July. Of course we had to do some fishing, play games, visit with family, and go out to eat.
 Amber with one of her fish.

 Larry (my dad), Stephanie, Kim (my sisters), me, and Laura (my sister).
 My girls with their cousins.

Kitty (my mom), Kristie, Laura (my sisters), me, Kim (my sister).

We made it home in the middle of July and added another member to our family. We acquired a 5 month old German Shepherd puppy, and it is just like having a toddler again.

Amber showed Nancy (my daughter-in-laws dog) at the Lincoln County Fair. This was her first year in dog 4H but Nancy has been involved with 4H for several years. They did very well taking Grand Champion in obedience for her division with the 2nd highest score over all the obedience dogs. For showmanship and agility they took 3rd place. Amber was so excited....she didn't think she would win so many ribbons & a plaque.
The last week in July the girls and I went to Glacier View Ranch in Ward, CO for family camp with our church. We went a few days early and stayed a few days after to hang out with Morgan. While we were there we went to Heavenfest to enjoy over 100 bands on 8 stages. Of course we didn't see them all but we did get to see Mercy Me, Skillet, KJ-52, and Shonlock and a few more.

Amber, Delaney & Alaina with Shonlock. He took the time after his concert to talk to his fans and pose for pictures. He moved before my camera was finished that is why his hair looks funny.

While we were on vacation Michael left for Army basic training, he will be graduating in September. We all can't wait to head to South Carolina for his graduation. We all miss him so much!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Robert Pierre Winner

I have a winner!!

Congratulations to Heather who blogs at Faith, Family & Fun for winning this great CD. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011-2012 Crew Members

The Homeschool Crew has set sail for the 2011-2012 school year. This year there are 232 members who will be reviewing some great homeschool products. All of the Crew member blogs are listed on the The Crew Blog Roll to make it easy to visit them. I plan on getting to know all of my fellow crew mates by visiting their blogs.
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