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Friday, May 13, 2011

Student Writing Intensive

Writing has never been easy for me and if you read my blog you might be thinking that I still can't write very well. This is probably the subject that has been the hardest for me to teach my kids. Michael hated writing and still does, Morgan loved to write & can fill several pages at a time on any subject. I would have them write and then I didn't really know how to check their work for errors so if it sounded good then that was great if it didn't I would have them redo it. I wanted things to be different for my younger girls and Andrew Peduwa has done just that. I feel like I actually know how to help them write better I have learned so much from this program.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing was generous enough to send me the Student Writing Intensive Level A, Portable Wall, and the Structure and Style Overview DVD to use with my girls. We received our products in October and we only have a couple of lessons left to complete. I used this writing curriculum with Amber (9) and Delaney (8). They both really liked the way Andrew Peduwa taught the class, he is funny and interesting. Everyday the girls hoped that it was time to watch the DVD.

~Student Writing Intensive Level A ~ This program contains 4 DVDs, a binder and a packet of handouts, checklists, and teacher's notes. It is taught directly to students in grade 3-5 and contains 15-30 weeks of writing instruction with each lesson lasting 1-2 weeks. The DVD is recorded live and Andrew Puduwa is an excellent teacher. My girls understood exactly what they were suppose to do and loved his sense of humor. The teacher's notes follow the DVD sessions perfectly they even include the time frame where you can go to the exact spot you want to teach. SWI Level A can be purchased for $99.00.

~Portable Wall ~ This fold out is a complete collection of structure and style models and checklists for the student. It is an excellent resource to keep in the students folder and can be purchased for $7.00.

~ Structure and Style Overview DVD~ I really learned a lot from this 2 hour 20 minute seminar. Andrew explains how to get children to write and to write well by repeating the same writing structure for 3-4 years in a row.

By teaching them the right technique of writing it helps them to use paragraphs as building blocks to complete larger assignments and to become thinkers in their writing later on. The concept of "Hand on Structure & Style --Hands off Content" should be used with our children. We should help them with the technique as much as they need but the actual content of the writing should be up to what the child thinks is important. Andrew Peduwa suggests that when grading our child's writing assignments, we should give them an A if they completed what they were told to do and an incomplete if they didn't. With an incomplete the child should be directed to fix or redo the work. We should not grade on the content of the writing because what the child chooses to include is important to them. The One-A-Month Schedule to follow for a school year is given and includes:

  • Note Making & Outlines
  • Summarizing from Notes
  • Summarizing Narrative Stories
  • Summarizing a Reference
  • Writing from Pictures
  • Library Research Reports
  • Creative Writing
  • Formal Essay
  • Formal Critique

The Structure and Style Overview DVD really helped me to understand why and when writing concepts should be taught to help my children. This DVD can be purchased for $10.00.

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As a member of TOS Crew I received the Student Intensive Writing Level A from Institute for Excellence in Writing to use with my children in exchange for my review.

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