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Monday, May 23, 2011

Reading Street

Homeschool families don't always get the opportunity to use books that are created for public school use but The Old Schoolhouse Crew had the chance to review Scott Foresman's 1st grade enVisionMATH, 1st grade Social Studies, or 2nd grade Reading Street from Pearson School. I was a little leery at first, I was afraid it would be time consuming to get it to fit into our homeschool or we wouldn't like the stories but I was very pleasantly surprised. 

I received the 2nd grade Scott Foresman Reading Street volume 2.1 and 2.2. Alaina was just finishing up her 1st grade curriculum so this was perfect timing to see if this 2nd grade book would work for her. There are 2 colorful volumes to this curriculum with plenty of pictures and illustrations. There are stories, poems, grammar, writing, and vocabulary words along with some science and social studies. Alaina really liked the pictures and illustrations throughout the books. My favorite part are the articles about the authors and illustrators. There are stories about animals, plants & the life of a seed, Helen Keller, Firefighters, and even wind.

Volume 2.1 is 480 pages and is divided into 3 Units with 5 sections in each Unit.
  • Unit 1 Exploration - What can we learn from exploring new places and things?
  • Unit 2 Working Together- How can we work together?
  • Unit 3 Creative Ideas- What does it mean to be creative?
Volume 2.2 has 460 pages and is divided into 3 Units with 5 sections in each unit.
  • Unit 4 Our Changing World- How do things change? How do they stay the same?
  • Unit 5 Responsibility- What does it mean to be responsible?
  • Unit 6 Traditions-How are traditions and celebrations important to our lives?
In the Readers Response at the end of the story it gives the definition of the genre used. It includes thought provoking questions to get the child to visualize, write, retell the stories through pictures. Then there is a page about the Author and Illustrator of the story. There is also a Write Now which uses writing and grammar. It gives the child a writing prompt and each one talks about different grammar and it's usage. There is a Wrap Up at the end of each Unit with questions and craft ideas that go with the topic.

The books are very well constructed and would give any family years of use. Each volume sell for $43.47. There is also a website called Second Grade Reading Street Teacher Resources, it contains lists of spelling words and other activities that go with each lesson in the readers.

Sail over to read what other Crew members thought about Reading Street.
As a member of the TOS Crew I received a free copy of Scott Foresman's 2nd grade Reading Street to use in our homeschool in exchange for my review. 

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