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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Go Trybe

I like to keep my kids active. We like to go for walks as a family, the girls play AYSO soccer and sometimes softball. There are times when it is just to cold, to hot or we just want to do something else. We have used workout DVDs but none that have been geared for kids until we tried GoTrybe.  

GoTrybe is an online fitness program that teaches aerobics, nutrition, motivation, and wellness. There are 3 levels geared for children of different ages. All three of my girls fit into the Zoodoos Trybe which is for K-5th grade. The Trybe 180 is for 6th-8th grades and the Next Tribe is for 9th-12th grades. After setting up an individual account you can create and dress your own avatar. The child can then chose a workout or they can build their own. There is a question about nutrition & wellness for every day along with some motivation. Points are awarded after completing each section that can be used to buy items for your avatar and to rank users on the site. After earning so many points you will also earn badges. Students with the highest point totals become Trybe Leaders. Shout Outs can be given to other Trybe members that are your friends and you can receive emails from
Some days Amber age 10, Delaney age 8, and Alaina age 6, would use GoTrybe together and some days they would work out by themselves. We have a laptop so it was very easy to move it where they could all workout together. They really enjoyed the aerobics and were able to understand and follow along with the instructor. They loved creating their avatar. They had so much fun choosing skin color, hair style, hair color, and facial features the age and gender of the avatar can be chosen to match the child. You can only choose new clothing and accessories once you have earned points.

The only thing I did not like about this program is the way that they have the older avatars dressed and standing. I try to keep that type of influence out of my girls lives as much as possible. I do not want them to have an unrealistic view of their physical characteristics. This wasn't a big issue during the actual program for the youngest group as their avatars look more like little kids.

You can try GoTrybe free for one day by using the promo code "GETFIT". If you subscribe after using the trial period it is only $19.95 a year it is regularly $39.95. For a limited time you can subscribe to GoTrybe for .99¢ a month by using the promo code "KIDSFITNESS". GoTrybe also has a blog with recipes, fitness tips, exercise ideas, motivational videos, and link to online resources that is free to everyone.

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As a member of the TOS Crew I received 2 free months of GoTrybe to use with my children in exchange for my review of the website.

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