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Friday, May 6, 2011

Andi's Scary School Days


It is hard for little girls to start school when they would rather be outside playing with her horse and climbing trees. That is just what happens to a little girl named Andi in Andi's Scary School Days. She doesn't want to wear dresses and it is hard for her to learn the rules at school. She has never been afraid of anything until school started, but that all changed once she makes a friend.

Andi's Scary School Days is part of the series of books written by Susan K. Marlow about 6 year old Andi, her baby horse named Taffy, her family and friends. The books are published by Kregel Publications and take you through adventures on the Circle C Ranch in 1874. This Circle C Beginning series is recommended for children ages 6-8 or it would be great for any age just starting to read chapter books.

We all have been enjoying this book. As soon as we opened the envelope my 9 year old ran off with it, we didn't see her again until she finished the book. Then my 8 year old was gone. Even though this 74 page book is below their reading level they still enjoyed the story. My 6 year old is just starting to read chapter books, so she is slowly reading it on her own. I also read it aloud to all three of the girls and we completed the free resources available on the Andi and Taffy website. We are planning on ordering some more of these books and probably some from the Circle C Adventure series for older children.


The Andi books sell for $4.99 each, two for $9.98 or you can purchase the set of four for $15.96. Circle C Beginnings offers so much on the website. The beautifully illustrated books can be turned into a unit study all their own. They offer free puzzles, coloring sheets, and activity sheets. Lap books are also available for $12.00.

These beautiful coloring Pages available free and there is a different set for each book. We printed them all.

Sail on over to read what other people think of the different Circle C Beginning Books.

As a membe of the TOS Crew I received Andi's Scary School Days from Kregel Publication free in exchange for my use & review of their book.

1 comment:

Andi Carter said...

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to stop by and say a big thank you for your lovely review of Scary School Days. I am enjoying reading all the different perspectives on this latest Crew sailing.
Thanks again!

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