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Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Kinderbach is a music program for young children available online or DVD format. It is recommended for children ages 3-7. The music program is directed to the child, so even if you have no musical background you can still give your children a solid music foundation with this program (you may even learn something yourself). The basic music vocabulary, note reading, rhythm, technique, signing, listening, and music composition is taught in this 6 level course. With each lesson there is a video to watch and an activity book to go along with each level. You can try the first 3 lessons free and you can see the curriculum syllabus for each level to help you get an idea of how things work. You can also download a sample of the Student Level 1 Activity EBook.

Experts say that musical educations at a young age will improve our children's IQ. Kinderbach explains how their music program can help with our children learn Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

I have been using this program with my 6, 9, & 10 year old daughters. They have all three been taking piano lessons so they already know most of the information that is taught, but they still enjoyed the program. They all liked the part where you use anything for a rhythm instrument and play along while a song is played. This has been really good for them, being homeschooled and only learning the piano they are not used to playing along with anyone. The program is so easy to use, they logged themselves in and did exactly what was instructed. Everything was very easy for them to understand.

Kinderbach can be purchased in an year long online subscription for $95.88 or you can make 12 monthly payments of $19.99. If you would rather enjoy this program in DVD form there are several different packages available to purchase. There are also Song Ebooks available that are Piano Karaoke designed for children with no musical background. They will be able to play the simple songs right away.

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I received the online version of Kinderbach free for 3 months to use with my children in exchange for my review of their program.

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