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Friday, March 25, 2011

Big IQ Kids

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BigIQkids is an online program to help your kids become or stay A+ students. It is designed for students in K-8 grade and requires no parental help. The students are rewarded with game coins to use on fun strategy and educational games. As the teacher you can decide if you want to use the preloaded curriculum or if you would like to customize the lessons to go with the curriculum you already use. The material is not actually taught to the child, the lessons are individualized around the students own pace & they will not be advanced until they master the concept. Your child can benefit the most from in just 20-40 minutes a day. 

I used the Premium edition of BigIQkids with my 8 & 10 year old daughters. They both really liked this website and asked to work on it every day, they would complete at least one step for each program.The U.S. States program is their favorite and they are remembering a lot of facts about each one. The email feature for the parent/teacher is wonderful. As soon as the child completes the lesson I received an email with the results. Their enthusiasm has been so great that their 6 year old sister has been using the free option.


My girls were able to create their own BigIQBuddy. They had so much fun with this that I had to make some rules. They were not allowed to change their buddy until school was over for the day. They also loved the games and would ask to play them when school was out.BigIQkids Programs:
  • Spelling~There are 5 steps for each lesson.
    • The first step introduces the words and uses them in a sentence, the child types the word while they look at it.
    • The next step you can chose a robot practice or a spelling bee. In the spelling bee the child is on their own to spell the words. If they need a little help they should select robot practice to get help from the robot.
    • The third step can be the spelling bee or the word scramble. If the child is confident with spelling the words they can spell them in the spelling bee or if the child needs more practice they can unscramble the word given.
    • In step four the child is given a pop quiz. If they get them all correct they are added to the 100% club and can play a game. If some of the words are spelled incorrectly they have you work on the lesson again.
    • Step five is the actual spelling test and you cannot take the test until you reach the 100% club in step 4. 
  • Math~ In the math lesson you have the option of working the problems on the computer or printing it out and working it on paper. If you chose to work it on the computer the child is given a work sheet space at the side in case they need to write anything down to work the problem.
  • United States~ Each day the child will chose a state to learn about on the interactive map. There is a short lesson on that state and then the child is asked a question. They can only get credit for watching the video if they answer the question correctly. After the map the child can chose the next step, the activities are little different for each level. 
    • State Location~ You work on learning where the state is located.
    • State Spelling ~ The child spells the state that is given and they are also shown the shape of each state.
    • State Capital~ The capital is matched to the state.
    • State Abbreviations
    • State Fun Facts Game~ This game can only be played after completing viewing all 50 state interactive map lessons.
  • Vocabulary~
    • Introduction Lesson~ The words and their definitions given.
    • Matching~ The child matches the word to the definition.
    • Drag and Drop~ Each word can be picked up dropped off at the definition.
    • Synonyms and Antonyms~ The list of words appear with another word next to it & the child will chose if they are synonyms or antonyms.
    • Test~ The word is given & used in a sentence and the child will chose from a list of definitions, or they will be asked to chose the synonyms or antonym for the word.
  • Reading~There is an online book for the kids to read. While they are reading if they do not know a word they can click on it and it will be pronounced for them.
  • Vocabulary & Spelling Games~ You can create contests or enter ones already there. 
Big IQ Kids

No matter where our kids get their education BigIQkids is there to help. They give a list of 10 Steps to Better Grades so that parents can help our children learn.

There are several cost options for BigIQkids. You can use it free, pay by the month or year for individual or classrooms usage. You may also subscribe to just one subject. You can chose which option is right for you.

You can use BigIQkids for free but there are great benefits with the subscription. As a member BigIQkids monitors the progress of the child and they only move on when they have mastered the concept. The results are emailed to the parent right away (as soon as they would finish the work I would get an email with the results). The child has full access to the game page and can accumulate coins and high scores. The best part about being a Premium member is there are no ads during the lesson with very little advertisement at all.

I would recommend this program for any child.
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As a member of TOS Crew I received a year long subscription to BigIQKids for two students in exchange for my review of their product.

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