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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Long Awaited Day

I love being with my kids, watching them grow, taking on responsibilities, hitting those milestones that lead them to becoming responsible adults. The anticipation that builds and the excitement in their eyes is part of why I love being a mom.

Alaina hit one big milestone today, she got her library card. In the eyes of a 6 year old this is quit an accomplishment. Being the youngest of five kids, she has wanted one for years. Her sisters had clued her in on what she needed to accomplish to get one.
  • First you have to be able to write your name on that tiny line. (With 10 letters in our last name that is not easy). She practiced over and over to get it small enough.
  • Second you have to be able to write your address and phone number.
  • Third it has to be very neat, so the librarians can read it.
When we first got to the library there was a line at the counter, so we picked out our books first. Alaina chose some of her books and then realized that there wasn't anyone at the counter. She wanted to get her card now instead of waiting until she was ready to check out. The librarian gave Alaina a form and a pencil and she very proudly carried it to a table. (She is to short to write on the counter).  The first line was for her name, she wanted to know if she had to write it little on that line. She filled out the form and at the bottom it asked for her signature and she wanted to know if it had to be little. (She was worried about rule number 1). She gave her form to the librarian and she gave her a card and a pen & I told her this is where you will have to write your name little. She was so careful & wrote so small that she only used half of the signature line. (I'm not sure I could write her name that little). All of her practicing really paid off.

We headed back over to the children's room to finish picking out books. Her sisters were discussing how many books they brought back and how many they could check out today. Alaina holds up her card and asks "How many books can I get with my card?" She was thinking it worked like a gift card!!


Unknown said...

That is great! My kids have had library cards most of their library cards for more years than they have been able to write, but my littlest one got a new card a couple of weeks ago that she signed herself.

Penny said...


We hold to the same standards plus, even if they can write their name, etc., you have to be 6 y.o. in our house to have your own library card. We make a BIG deal out of it when they get their first one!

I'm visiting from the crew AND I am following you via GFC and NetworkedBlogs. Thank you, so much, for stopping by my Blog. I've had a lot of trouble with it and the PC in general, this past week. It was nice to see a new follower!

I definitely think you should post pics for Wordless Wednesday. I JUST got mine up for today - daffodils. If you get a chance, let me know what you think. I think - Spring is just around the corner!


Anonymous said...

Love that milestone!!!

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