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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homeschool Day Book

Homeschool Day Book Record Keeping
In the state of Nebraska we are required to teach our elementary students for 1032 hours and secondary students for 1080 hours per school year. If you are like me this is the most tedious part of our school, but a couple of weeks ago it got a lot easier. I have been using the Homeschool Day Book to keep track of what we have accomplished each day. This hasn't taken the place of my actual planner, I just input how much time we spend each day on each subject and I can find out the total amount of time on the reports. It is so much easier now to add in our field trips and extra activities that we are involved in.

When you first start the Day Book downloads very quickly, and there is no loading time when I open the program everyday. On the initial start up you add your students and subjects. On your daily entries all you have to do is click on the child/children and the subject completed. You can add a title, the time spent on the subject, and any comments that you would like to remember about this entry.

Click to enlarge image.

You can see a monthly calendar to check attendance for each month.
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It is very easy to manage your kids, subjects and entries. You can even change your system settings to create a backup or restore from a backup. You can generate reports by attendance, entries, time spent per date, and time spent per subject for each child. These reports can also be printed to be filed away with each child's work for the year.

Time Spent Per Date, or Subject for each kid.

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I have never used a program to actually keep track of the time we spend in school, so I am really loving this program. There is a free trial of the complete program for anyone who would like to try The Homeschool Day Book or you can purchase this program $39.00.

I will receive one free licence for The Homeschool Day Book in exchange for my review of their product.


Martha said...

Sounds like a useful product for recording time and activities.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a great program, but I don't think they were compatible with my LINUX machine. Oh well, :(

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