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Monday, January 31, 2011

Times Tables the Fun Way

As a member of TOS Crew this year we have tried some excellent curriculum and we have had some fun things too. Times Alive from City Creek Press falls into both categories. Times Alive makes learning the 0-9 multiplications tables fun. I used this program with my 8 & 9 year old daughters, but my 6 year old loved the videos and some of the activities.

View other sample videos here.

The first thing to do in Times Alive is to take a pre-test with 48 multiplication problems, this test records the number answered correctly, a percentage score, and the time it takes to complete the test. The idea is to be able to improve your score and speed on the post-test. Amber took the pre-test and she got 40 correct, 83%, and a time of 5:46. On the post-test she got 48 correct, 100%, and a time of 3:38. She improved both her percentage and her time.

Times Alive Test
The fun part comes after the pre-test. There is a video to introduce each fact followed by songs, games, and coloring pages with progress checks thrown in to see how much the child is retaining.

This is the 4X4 story.

The stories that are used for each fact are very easy to remember. One day we pulled into a parking lot and my daughter saw a truck that it had 4X4 on the side. She got really excited and said "I get it, a 4X4 and you have to be 16 to get your licence, that's why they used that in Times Alive".

Activity for 3X3.

The kids like Times Alive for the fun videos and the catchy songs, I like it because they are actually remembering their multiplication facts, I just wish we would have had it years ago when my older children were learning theirs. I would recommend this program to anyone who is learning their times tables.

According to the City Creek Press website children recall 95% of their Times Tables using this fun and interactive learning method! Judy Liautaud first started Times Alive while operating a Sylvan Learning Center in Bountiful, Utah. She was determined to help her students learn math tables in a fun and meaningful way.

Times Alive CDRom can be purchased for your PC or MAC for $48.95. You can also purchase a CD, an audio books on CD, books, posters, and flashcards to go along with this program. They may be purchased separately or in bundles. Addition the Fun Way is another program from City Creek Press.

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As a member of TOS Crew I received a free download of Times Alive to use with my children in exchange for my review of their product. 

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