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Friday, January 28, 2011


PhotobucketWhen it comes to my kids they would probably all agree on one thing (except maybe Michael) Math is their least favorite subject in school. Ok, I will admit that part of that could be the teacher! Or wait my six year old seems to be really picking up the whole math thing faster than the others, so maybe it is because each child is different.

We were really excited to try TenMarks because I know that each of my kids learn differently and at different speeds. This Math program is taught at each child's level of understanding based on your states standards. The faster they get the concepts the faster they move through the program. The children have their own personal tutor, if they are working on a problem and they don't know how to complete it they can get instructions in the video segment. If they know how to work the problems but just need a little reminder there are also clues that can be viewed to help them along.

More videos about TenMarks are available here.

The teacher/parent and each student has their own login In the teacher login you have access to the child's reports, you can set rewards, pause your program if you are going on vacation, or you can customize their curriculum.

When the child logs in she can see what worksheet she needs to work on and how many worksheet need to be completed to earn a reward.

The child can see exactly how much of the program is completed by looking at their chart.
(My kids think it is really cool to check on their people every time they do TenMarks.)

On the progress report you can tell exactly what your child needs to work on and what they have mastered. Green is good, yellow means they need to work on that concept.

For $10 a month, $49 for 6 months, or $89 for a year your 3-10 grade child can use TenMarks for their core curriculum, extra help, or to keep the math concepts relevant during summer break from school. Teachers can have free limited access to TenMarks for their classrooms. Everyone can have a free trial to see if this math program is right for your child.

Stop over and see what other TOS Crew members thought of TenMarks.
As a member of TOS Crew I received a 6 month subscription to TenMarks to use with my children free of charge in exchange for my review.

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